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Dodgers Russell Martin Responds to Archie Bradley’s ‘Light Fastball’

In last night’s loss to the Diamondbacks, Russell Martin came up to bat vs. Archie Bradley, who then proceeds to hit Martin with a fastball. Martin picked up the ball and threw it back to Bradley, which caused Twitter to have some fun with it.

Martin shared his thoughts on the throw after the game with SportsNetLA.

“Well the ball didn’t hurt the dirt, there was no scuff on it, so I just threw it back. It’s not a heavy fastball, it’s a light fastball. It’s a light 96 (mph), so I just threw it back to him.”

For those of you who don’t remember, Martin was one of the Dodgers who followed Clayton Kershaw out onto the field after Bradley had some words for new Dodger and former Diamondback, AJ Pollock.

Archie Bradley has a history with Dodger players and fans, but we all know actions speak louder than words and in last year’s race for the playoffs, Matt Kemp reminded Archie Bradley of his place in the baseball world.

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  1. Russell was making a statement. Bradley has been annoying to us for several years. Whether he beats us or we beat him; he just always seems to be more annoying than other pitchers. Not sure why, but even though we have success against him here and there; I always want us to bomb him. I think his attitude just overshadows his pitching. And our players see that. Russell is a great candidate for a base coach or manager down the road. He was telling Bradley 96 mph is nothing. Good job!

  2. Archie Bradley aspires to be the new Madison Bumgarner. Both are unhappy human beings.

  3. Bottom line, the Dodgers could certainly user a CLOSER with attitude. Bradley exudes SAVE every time he takes the mound! Dodgers seem to have lost that hunger in their bull pen!

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