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Dodgers: Russell Martin Talks About Career Beyond 2019

As the Los Angeles Dodgers head towards their final month of the 2019 regular season, a looming question hangs in the balance. Indeed, catcher Russell Martin is in his age-36 season. Typically, this is an age at which catchers begin to think about the next phase of their lives.

Now – Martin is talking about that next phase. Moreover, it’s a new source for our news items. While the Toronto Blue Jays are in town for a three-game set, Martin caught up with Shi Davidi who covers the Blue Jays for SportsNet Canada. Obviously, the two are friendly from Martin’s four prior seasons in Canada.

Candidly, Martin spoke about a future that remains murky.

When asked about his contract being up after 2019, Martin had this to say.

“This could possibly be my last (year). I don’t know. It could be. We’ll see.”

Without question – reading between the lines – one figures that Martin is reaching his sunset as a player.

At the current time, Martin is hitting .213 with 4 home runs and 15 RBI. Furthermore, he’s achieved just a .643 OPS in 66 games played. Also, and not to be forgotten; he’s thrown three scoreless innings in relief off the pitching rubber. It goes without saying that Martin’s value really goes beyond the numbers for the 2019 Dodgers. And unless you were a dreamer like I am, you knew this would be the case.

Finally, Martin told Davidi that he was almost traded to the Philadelphia Phillies rather than the Dodgers over the winter.

In closing, enjoy this last month and a half (plus postseason) of Russ Mart. Ironically he was hitting third the last time the Toronto Blue Jays visited Dodger Stadium all the way back in 2006. He’s exhibited immense professionalism as a Dodger and has hung on a lot longer than most backstops at the big league level.

All of this is a testament to the ballplayer he is.

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  1. I hope Martin comes back for another season as Smith’s backup. I think his leadership on and off the field is extremely valuable with so many younger players on the roster. Once his playing career is finished he is the type of person this team needs in a coaching capacity, whether at the big league, or minor league level.

    1. SoCal, I would agree and it’s possible that Barnes thus could be part of a trade package this coming off season. I suggest this because perhaps Barnes may not be too thrilled to be back here just as a backup catcher seeing limited duty, WSS

  2. It happens, great guy but time to retire. Not much there batting low 200s. With the kid Smith hitting 100 points higher and 4 times the Home runs in less at bats, seriously there won’t be any contract there for him.

    1. True, but Dodgers and every other team do keep 2 catchers on the MLB roster. No starting catcher can really be expected to catch in all 162 games. Who that back up catcher to Will Smith will be in 2020 remains to be seen.

  3. I’m not forcing the issue but it would be nice to have him go ahead and retire as a Dodger, it’s time for him to hang it up, catching is the most physically demanding position, if he isn’t ready thats fine he can continue to fill as a backup until he is ready.

  4. Back up catcher or coach, keep him in the organization. He is a true Dodger. If they can’t upgrade during the off-season, sign him for another year.

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