Dodgers: San Francisco Police Motorcycle Ruffles Giants Fans Feathers on Reddit

While the Houston Astros have taken up much of the hate from Dodgers fans over the last few months, let’s not forget who our real enemies are… The San Francisco Giants.

In the spirit of the rivalry, over the weekend Reddit user wrongwayup posted the following:

Who Polices the Police??? Dodgers fan in the SFPD. Spotted downtown yesterday. from SFGiants

Yes, that is a Los Angeles Dodgers license plate frame on a SFPD chopper.

You love to see it.

Understandably, the comments were less than complimentary of the officer’s choice.

That was some of the more savory comments from the Giants subreddit. The Dodger subreddit also shared some thoughts on the accessory. 

Seeing something like this just warms the heart… REAL baseball is almost here and the Dodgers open their season against those Giants at a newly renovated Dodger Stadium on Thursday, March 26.

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