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Dodgers Say Gavin Lux Is A Candidate For Postseason Roster

Recently, the noise about a Gavin Lux call-up became a little louder. Perhaps if you click that story, you can nickname him the moniker ‘the holstered weapon. However, it appears the Dodgers are simply biding their time with Lux; and along the way considering an even bigger role.

Before Wednesday night’s game – J.P. Hoornstra reports that a call-up is coming for Lux – and he’s a candidate for being on the postseason roster. Obviously, that second part is an eyebrow raising point.

Indeed, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts told Hoornstra that Lux will join the Dodgers ‘in some capacity’ in the near future. Furthermore, that sentiment was echoed by Pedro Moura who reported similar news around the same time-frame.

Equally important, it seems like Lux has been hitting video game home runs on a nightly basis. Seriously, when I see a highlight of a Lux bomb, it’s evident that he is ahead of the competition right now and has nothing left to prove as a minor leaguer.

For instance – when Lux explodes on a baseball – the outfielders don’t even really move. Please note that this is not the first time I have seen a clip like this, simply the latest. Moreover, I’ve seen about a dozen highlight clips where he hits a no-doubter.

Finally, we recently made the case for a Lux call-up; and took a look at the other side of the coin. While that is worth your time to read, know that the Dodgers are close to adding another long-term weapon to the cabinet.

It’s exciting to think about the possibilities that Lux could open up if he has success in his first cup of coffee in the big leagues. Sure, it’s rare that a youngster impacts a veteran squad. However, when a guy is a generational talent; cases exist where a guy like a Gavin Lux can really make a different.

We are all about to find out.

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  1. 55 must be a good number for the Dodgers. They got Orel up in the booth. Martin has a 0.00 ERA and then there’s this kid.

  2. Lux should be given every chance to be on the playoff roster during a Aug. 31 call up. He hits lefties and righties can play second base and leadoff. With the defensive shifting that goes on, he will be fine defensively as we’ve seen with Muncy. With Muncy’s hand injury last night it is the perfect time to add Lux to the roster in Arizona.

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