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Dodgers: Scott Boras May Be the Reason Corey Seager Left LA

After failing to bring back Corey Seager this offseason, the Dodgers have some major holes to fill. For many, this was always the expected outcome – especially after Seager’s MVP performances in their 2020 title year.

Fans will always wonder what led to the decision to leave the only team he’s ever known, and it’s a fair question. He’s more than earned the $325 million that he’ll be making with the Texas Rangers, but it hurts nonetheless.

A partial answer to that question might be found in the man responsible for landing him such a lucrative deal, his agent Scott Boras. Boras is notorious for getting his clients top dollar in free agency, and it was no different with Seager. There was a mutual wish for Corey to remain a Dodger, but it had to be for the right price. And given the way that Boras represents his clients, it’s fair to assume that this was always the end game.

In a recent segment of the Petros and Money Show on AM570, Dodgers insider David Vassegh explained how the influential agent had his prints all over the events that transpired.

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“Seager did want to stay, if all things were equal”, said Vassegh. “He did turn down an 8-year, $250 million contract during this spring training. So maybe he was trying to parlay that into a bigger deal but it goes back to what I said about who represents the player. And Scott Boras usually takes his players to free agency. And the one thing I would stress to Dodger fans is, when it’s a player the caliber of Corey Seager, and when they’re represented by an agent like Scott Boras, just enjoy the 6 years because there’s a good chance he will be on another team once he hits free agency.”

Of course, there are many other reasons why Corey chose to go to the Rangers. Given his relationship with their manager Chris Woodward from his day with the Dodgers, it would have likely been an attractive landing place even if the offers were closer. At the end of the day, however, baseball is indeed a business. Money talks, and when you have an excellent negotiator like Boras, it talks loud and clear.

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Daniel Palma

Daniel is an avid sports fan who loves his hometown teams. If he's not watching baseball, you can find him playing or coaching. No matter what, he'll always root for the Boys in Blue!


  1. Seager is gone. Let’s stop with the why he left articles as their only value is trying to blame someone for the spilled-milk tears of too many fans.

    1. It’s all about the money and I don’t blame Seager for doing it but saying that he wanted to stay it’s all a big BS from his part. It’s a business and offering more money it’s a big temptation. There’s no loyalty from his part. That’s why I applaud Chris Taylor. He wanted to stay and the money was not the total reason. He is a honest human being.

  2. It’s all about the Benjamin’s is what one of our infamous(though current) politicians has said. But I agree! Let him go. Seager is wearing his big boy pants. If he gets that big of a contract, so be it. We will be fine without him. Boras is counting his Benjamin’s too, by the way.

  3. Yeah, Seager got offered more years and more dollars by the Rangers, plus he is comfortable with the manager and hitting staff. Plus the Dodgers have a decent replacement in Turner if they extend him. Nothing to see here citizens.

    1. I’ll bet big money that Woodward and the other coaches will be memories at some point in those 10 years, and i’d lay odds that within 3 years…

  4. He played 300 games the last 4 seasons at age 24-27. What are the chances he stays healthier as he gets older? Texas should probably expect to be fielding their back up shortstop for half their games for the next 10 years at the cost of $325M.

    1. BINGO. CS got a lot of “Money while injured”. He avg’d less that two seasons worth of play in the past four years. IMO, he owed the Dodgers some loyalty. None the less, he did help bring LA home a WS championship, and for that, as a life long fan, am grateful. I wish him well.

    2. Jackson, you are 100% correct. Texas will be regretting that contract about halfway through it.

      The numbers you stated show exactly why Seager has NOT “more than earned the $325 million” he got, as this author Daniel Palma claims. There is no way he is worth that. He had major hip surgery before he was even 25, back and hamstring injuries, and his arm injury. He is not going to age well.

  5. I love how everyone loves a player until he leaves….then he is garbage …He has no soft tissue issues he will be fine…Tommy John…Hip surgery he had is 100% fixable…getting hit by a pitch just doesn’t count…Correa…Trout…those are guys with injury issues…he basically brought a ring to LA…good for him if he and his family are happy..he was a great Dodger…glad the kid got paid…hell of a baller….next to get bashed will be Turner…he is not staying and the Dodgers will trade him at the break…they know it and why the battled at the end with Seager…they played games with him (Seager)by bringing in Turner …now it backfired…alot of people seem upset he left…he was the better option and he will be missed

    1. We’re already bashing Turner for selfishly trying to homer every pitch down the stretch and into the playoffs. What happened to the approach he had when he first was traded here?

    2. they didn’t; bring in turner to play with seagers head. they brought him in because Seager turned down $250m, a more than fair offer for a guy who couldn’t hit .250 during 250 playoff at bats.

      1. Turner has a horrible playoff history….yes..the Dodgers played games by bringing in Turner as a message to seager….Seager is a true hitter …250 mil offer..the guy was getting over 300 and he did…the Dodgers chose not to pay that much…thats on them… Texas did…Seager owes the Dodgers no loyalty

  6. He’s gone; ain’t no turning that around. If we sign someone of the caliber of Freeman, we are better off. Just a personal opinion, I’m ok with reshaping this team a bit. I wouldn’t have started that with Seager but he is a big $ guy and reshaping starts with freeing up $. I’ll save my judgement of the 2022 Dodgers when Andrew is done with his revisions.

  7. We’re better off without these types on the team plus his defensive is average at best yet he refuses to move positions as if he’s some gold glover. I’m just happy we have Taylor back, someone who’s a real dodger. Let’s fill the roster with more Taylor’s

    1. yes, more CT3s, and fewer Seagers. Lousy defensively, and free swinging first pitch – never heard of working the count. Glad he’s gone- now Trea can be everyday SS and lead off

  8. Seager is gone , move on and improve the team . Texas will have it’s issues . Seager will not have the same protection in the order. But forget about him .

  9. Whatever. Millions of people in LA, the Club will continue to pack the House.
    Nothing to see here.

  10. I just don’t think that Boras has a lot of love for the Dodgers….I think it goes back to the days of Fred Claire.

  11. Any player who has Scott Boras as their agent is almost guaranteed to sign with other teams.

  12. I wish Corey Seager, and his family nothing but the best. We are all Dodger fans, so lets move on, but lets be honest, it sounds like some of you BLUE fans are going after Turner, it’s not his fault, Tre will be extended, probably similiar, but less then Seager, but 8 years? He is a better defensive short stop then Seager was, you don’t believe me, just look at the numbers through out his career, compared to Seager, don’t get me wrong I love Seager I truly wanted him back, I think Trea Turner made Corey Seager a better a player, and vice versa. I truly can’t believe that some of you guys think Turner is just a decent replacement, his numbers compared to Seager are almost identical, the one thing I loved about Seager was his offense, and that left handed bat. The sad fact is we never got a chance to see what an incredible hitter he truly could have been, because he does get injured often. I don’t know if we get him, but I do think we have a good chance to land Freddie Freman, which would be great, having that power on the left side is so important? Re-signing CT3 was huge, and I believe if we get Freeman, moving muncy to second with mookie, and CT3 being their to back him up, until he feels comfortable? One good thing to come out of losing Seager, and Sherzer is we saved a lot of money. I believe the Dodgers will go after Soto when he becomes a free agent, or they will trade for him if the nationals think he is not going to re-sign. When this lockout is over, we have to get are infield completed, and then focus on are pitching staff?

    1. They should target Freeman, Kris Bryant, Carlos Rodon, and Zach Davies once lockout mode is over. KB can play third and move JT to DH.

      1. Which is realistic. Freeman at 1B, Muncy back at 2B, Trae at SS, Bryant at 3B, Taylor, Lux and JT (DH) in reserve. And, then there’s the versatile Beaty. And Rios.

        OF of Betts, Belli and Pollock, plus maybe Suzuki.

        As far as pitchers, it might be wise to remember that Ferguson was a starter before coming up to the bigs. The traditional process for new MLB pitchers is to start out as a reliever, then get back to starting. Ferguson is a candidate for that…

  13. Dodgers offered 26 year old Seager 250 for 8. Thats 31.25 /year beginning a year before his new contract. It would have ended at age 34, leaving him ready for a 2nd payday at the high levels of pay inflation would be in effect at that time. Now his contract ends at age 37, good luck getting a big 2nd free agent contract at that age.
    Boras let him exist with a palty 13.750 mil for 2020 so he could get—-a big fat 32.5 million per year instead of 31.25 million.
    That 1.25 million is a 4% increase from what he could have gotten a year ago. He lost almost 17.5 million for the 2021 season. California state taxes are higher, but all players pay state taxes depending of the amount of games played in the various states. At 30 million plus a year, don’t be greedy jerk and base all your decisions on tax avoidance. At 30 million a year, you will have a hard time spending that money even after taxes.

    1. lets see 81 games at home mean no state income tax in Texas. California state income tax is 13.3%. So Corey not only got higher contract value per year, but also will save 13.3% of 16.25M, which is ~$2M more dollars – per year – for 10 years! I wonder how long he’ll last at SS and have to move to 3rd. good luck Rangers!

      1. Well, you do have to back out the games vs the A’s and Angels. He will be taxed at Cali’s harsh tax rate whenever playing in Cali. He’ll also be playing the Yankees and Red Sox, too. So, honestly, his tax savings will be minimal. Not enough to warrant leaving “the guys you came up through the system with”, “good friends”, “the only place you knew”…

        1. reread my post. I only calculated his tax savings by the 81 home games in Texas next year rather than Cali! The others are a wash as they would be the same amount had he remained a Dodger. He’s gonna save $2M/yr for 10 years by playing his home games in Texas rather than California

  14. When money matters more than winning, there’s a problem. I would bet money, marbles, and all the tea in China that Chris Taylor was offered more than 4y/60m to play elsewhere but knows damn good and well his best chance at another ring is right where he’s at. You can put Max Scherzer in the Seager camp, too. The Mets aren’t winning anything.

  15. there will always be good players who want to play for the dodgers. Cory can take his .238 career playoff batting average to the rangers, who might make the playoffs once or twice during his 10 yr. contract period. Boycott Boras and anybody he represents, if boras is on the phone, u r about to take it in the rear. Last add, boras reps. Bellinger. Do the same, if another idiot organization wants to grossly overpay him, let him go too.

  16. We got (parts of) 6 seasons out of him, for cheap. Now the Rangers get him in his prime. Kind of like what happened with Boston and Betts. It goes around, comes around. If I recall, Seager, Joctober, and Belly came up the same year, and all we have left is Belly.

  17. I hope turner isn’t represented by Boras. Problem with the Seager deal is turners gonna think he’s worth $300m too.He’s not. betts is not. Hell, even trouts not when u consider the injuries.these guys all making more money than anyone else in the world, because why ?? Idiot egotistical owners, that’s why. What do fans get ?? 20 dollar parking 15 dollar hot dogs 20 dollar beer.

  18. Well, I am happy for him. Sports is an industry. Money talks that’s the bottom line.

  19. Summarizing these good comments: we ultimately pay for players to get money they’ll never spend, while their grandchildren may drive Lamborghinis instead of mere Ferraris, and there is no end in sight. We now cheer for uniforms, not players, but you know what? It’s still a wonderful game, and I can’t wait to see what Friedman comes up with toward another championship run. Meanwhile, the Rangers spent half a billion to increase from 60 to 72 wins (according to WAR of new players)–so good to be a Dodger fan!

  20. Seager was overpaid , he will be out about 30% of the time if history continues . Not many holes to fill . Get Freeman or Bryant and the lineup is every bit as good . They need one more good pitcher . Friedman knows what he is doing .

  21. He will save about $22 million over the life of the contract . I suspect winning a world championship will be secondary to his pay .

  22. Hilarious. It’s all about the “B’s”. Boras ,BS and big bucks.Dodgers BS was offering 250 Mil so they could tell the public they tried knowing Boras would laugh at that. Seager, rightfully so, wanted big bucks and played his poker hand perfectly. Boras always knew Seager would go on the open market and why not? Somewhere, somehow Sabermetrics is at the center of this.Maybe the Dodgers have tacit agreements with agents of other players. But trust me, when the music stops the Dodgers will not be the ones without a chair. There’s a method to this madness and when the season starts we will all see everyone else was playing checkers while the Front Office was playing chess.Bet on it.

  23. Good luck Seager but that’s way too much money. If he was a better defensive player then the money makes sense. He’s a great hitter but he’s not a slugger like Tatis Jr; of course I prefer Seager over Tatis Jr but I wouldn’t pay that much for Seager. The contract is only worth it if in addition to the superb play on the field, he’s involved with the team off the field (charities, face of the team attracting partnerships, etc for the team). He’s too quiet for that, which I actually prefer but the pay has to be lower in that case. Thank you Seager. If Bauer had not f’ed up, we didn’t waste valuable prospects to get Scherzer (whom I hate now for throwing the Dodgers under the bus about his dead arm and am happy we didn’t pay his ridiculous contract) and Trea. With Trea already here it doesn’t make sense to pay a lot of money to Seager if we’re offering Trea an extension

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