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Dodgers: Scott Boras Offers Possible Reason Why Los Angeles Lost Out Gerrit Cole

Obviously with Gerrit Cole signing with the New York Yankees in the late hours of Wednesday night, today the Los Angeles Dodgers and their fan base are left with only fallout.

Of course, part of that fallout in life and in baseball is always to dwell on the ‘why’ behind what happened. While the Dodgers will tell their side of the story eventually, Scott Boras did offer a bit of information that should be talked about. Therefore, we reference a tweet from Jack Curry who works for YES Network and covers the Yankees.

Furthermore, Curry asked Boras what made Cole choose to sign with the New York Yankees. Apparently, five conversations with Yankees’ owner Hal Steinbrenner aided in the negotiations that led to a record-breaking 9-year, $324 million dollar pact.

In addition, Cole had discussions with former New York Yankees legend Andy Pettitte. Beyond that, Steinbrenner was persistent and Cole was allegedly infatuated with Pettitte’s tales of yore of pitching in the Bronx.

With that being said, you wonder if the Dodgers could have put Cole on the horn with someone like; oh I don’t know, Sandy Koufax? Undeniably, I am being facetious in saying this. Still, it’s hard to believe that in a photo-finish between the Dodgers and Yankees; this was the only difference.

In the meantime we will wait to hear what the Dodgers’ official offer to Cole was. Early whispers say that Los Angeles went as high as offering 8 years, but nothing confirmed as of yet — it should make it’s way to the public eventually.

Finally – if there is a lesson to be learned here – perhaps it is the ‘persistence’ that Boras mentioned from the Yankees’ ownership group. From the beginning, we all were told that Cole only wanted to pitch on the West coast. From there, the Yankees were not to be denied; seemingly willing their way into this deal by any means necessary.

Sometimes it takes that to land the biggest free agent of the year, or the biggest in a decade.

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  1. Bull. The truth is the Dodgers never offered anywhere close to the deal the Yankees put out there and now that I know what it would’ve cost I’m glad they didn’t. Now go get Treinen and Betances

  2. I guess the Dodgers could have gotten Sandy Koufax to talk to Cole. He dwarfs Petit in every conceivable way, including lore. But I have feeling that the money talked more than anything.

  3. I gotta call BS on that. There appears to be zero evidence to believe Friedman was ever going to offer the kind of money the Yankees did. Friedman’s job is to placate the fans by strategically working the media and the baseball pundits that he’s in on every big FA.

    Instead, he’ll get the likes of Brent Anderson, McCarthy, Kazmir, Joe Kelly etc. He’s a small town GM and has been given an edict by ownership to stay under the CBT so shareholders can line their pockets with cash while fans dole out money for $15.00 beers and $12.00 hotdogs.

    1. According to Boras, the biggest contract in the history of baseball wasn’t the deciding factor. It was Petit’s heart warming bedtime stories that did the trick. The smell of dead fish fills the air.

  4. Strike 2 as far as those top FA’s are concerned. I told ya all that Dodgers would not be getting any of them and now I here that they are ‘in’on Bumgarner. What do ya think of that? Cole wanted to be with the Yankees, after all they drafted him about a decade ago and I believe he grew up a Yankee fan anyway. But 9 years at $324 million for a pitcher is a reach here. But IMHO Cole chose the Yankees because I honestly don’t think he cared too much to be on a team in which Roberts is the manager, because just look at his in game management of the pitching, especially in October. I told you that Dodgers are not an attractive team to come to at this time and I believe I already said why.

    1. Paul I agree with you. As I have stated the Dodgers should concentrate on relief help. They have in house solutions for everything else.
      9 YEAR $324 is nuts absolutely crazy for a pitcher and Cole was not lights out as everyone has said before he got to the Cheaters Org. Is he using illegal substances? Is he worth that length of contract and commitment of money? I do not think so.
      If they resign Ryu and use Urias at a starter can they try May and Gonsolin in the Bullpen and solve the problem.

      1. Tmaxster, they still need another RHB however and props to JT for being willing to change positions. IDK about what others think about it here but what about looking into Donaldson for 3rd? He is older than Rendon but he would not cost anywhere near the $$ Rendon signed for and Dodgers don’t have to give up top prospects for him. Albeit though a couple other players would have to be moved.

  5. I agree with Tommy’s take on the Cole deal! Stan won’t let Friedman spend the money! He is a businessman and only cares about making money and improving the stadium for image !
    He doesn’t get the older Dodgers fan are tired of waiting! He said that he has been in LA for seven years and we are winners!
    The TV contact is proof that he doesn’t care about the fans’
    I move here in 89 from NJ and I still waiting for the WW win!

  6. Obviously Cole was a beast during few years in Houston. But the guy was never an elite top pitcher until he came to the cheating Astros organization and that’s very suspicious. There’s footage of him rubbing pine tar off his fingers this year. I think for as much as he signed for he’s going to a completely different fanbase and organization with whole lot of expectations on his shoulders to deliver every time. I don’t think we will be seeing the same dominant Cole in a Yankee uniform. As Dodger fans it’s a blessing in disguise we didn’t sign him!

    1. Interesting. Ive heard about the Astros somehow getting away with using illegal substances. Every pitcher that went there seemed to either resurrect their career or become great for the first time

  7. The reason the Yankees were more aggressive than the Dodgers is that they have not been to a World Series in a long , long time unlike the Dodgers who have been there 2 out of the last 3 years. The Yankees were more desperate and over paid .

    1. In your dreams the Yankees were desperate.The Dodgers haven’t even won a World Series since 1981.

  8. 9 year $300+ Million is crazy. Glad the Dodgers did not get him! A contract like that hamstrings a team. 5 years later he loses velocity and is a mediocre pitcher and Gasp you have 4 years more on his contract!
    They have Urias, May, Gonsolin Stripling on 26 man roster. White and Gonzalez on 40 man. Lets see how this team shakes out and how the young arms perform before you get crazy and lock up $300 Million plus for 9 years.
    Resign Ryu and use the rookies. Also Grey is coming up fast. I saw him pitch last year and he looks like another young stud like May and Gonsolin.
    Use the Farm that is what the Dodgers have worked for!

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