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Dodgers Searching For Sponsorship For Field Naming And Uniform Patches

The Dodgers announced today that they will be partnering with sports marketing agency SPORTFIVE this year. The goal will be for the agency to secure big sponsorships for the team, with two big goals in mind. And fans might not be too excited about some of the changes that could be coming. 

As part of the partnership, the Dodgers will be looking for a field presenting partner for the stadium. They will also be looking to add a sponsor to be featured as part of the patches that are now allowed to go onto the sleeve of the uniforms. 

Field Name Sponsorship

Before you panic, the Dodgers will not be changing the name of the stadium. It won’t be an Edison Field or AT&T Park, or any of those global brand names that stadiums sell out for. Dodger Stadium is far too iconic for that. Instead, think of it in terms of a “brought to you by”. So Dodger Stadium brought to you by [insert company here] or [company name here] field at Dodger Stadium. 

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So while it will be a decent change, the Dodgers aren’t veering away from their historic name.  

Uniform Patch Sponsorship

MLB announced this year that they would now allow teams to place sponsorship patches on their jerseys. That came with the new Collective Bargainaing Agreement. The Dodgers sound like they will be one of the teams to pursue a patch on their jersey, meaning we will be seeing some changes to their historic look. 

That move is expected to really not go ver well with Dodgers fans. 

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  1. So does this make all teams even more poverty-stricken? These poor, literally poor, people. No sense of tradition. To ruin these beautiful uniforms should be a crime, although that was pretty much already done with the ugly swoosh.

    I will actively boycott and work to take business away from any classless business or organization that dares to sully Dodger Stadium with their lecherous name. Done the same with the Lakers the last couple of seasons as well. Corporations need to be limited in these regards – also they need to pay their taxes. Sorry, but we are now there.

    *Mic drop*

  2. Farmer John, In n Out Burger, Tommy’s, Ralphs, or Taco Bell are iconic Southern California brands.

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