Dodgers Series Win Over Giants Was About More Than Numbers

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21 runs and 33 hits in two games. A three-game lead in the division.

Win No. 19 for Clayton Kershaw. Five wins in their last six games against the San Francisco Giants (all at AT&T Park).

In a sport dominated by numbers and statistics, there are some impressive — even astonishing — ones there to talk about, but for me, the weekend the Los Angeles Dodgers just had in San Francisco was about far more than just numbers.

For me, it was about a team powering through adversity and rebounding from what could have been a debilitating Friday night.

As the Dodgers headed to San Francisco for the weekend series, the stage was set as if they were approaching a playoff series. With the rivalry, their slim two-game lead in the division and the presence of their top three pitchers ready to take the mound, it was easy to see how big this was for the Dodgers.

And I’ll admit — as a fan, I wasn’t sure how confident I was.

From where I sat, the Dodgers just hadn’t done much to prove that they can win big games in the face of adversity when they need to. Sure, they’d won big games in the past — but not consistently.

And, after all, this weekend series was coming against a team with the exact opposite experience. Rather than having numerous big-game opportunities and falling flat, it seems like the Giants have batted 1.000 in huge games (see: two World Series Championships).

So, yeah, heading into Friday I was nervous.

Well, the nervousness lasted all of 15 minutes before turning into sickness.

After stranding a runner at second in the top of the first, the wheels fell off for the Dodgers for the next 8.5 innings en route to a 9-0 spanking in what was the biggest game of the season. Woof.

With no confidence heading into the game, how was I supposed to respond on Saturday? Sure, the Dodgers had an ace on the mound in Zack Greinke, but this was the Dodgers — the misfit band of expensive contracts, not the “team” type that could rebound from such humiliation when they needed to….right?

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