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Dodgers: Shawn Green Talks Astros Sign-Stealing & Former Teammate Alex Cora

Without question, one of the sweetest left-handed swings to ever wear the Los Angeles Dodgers’ blue, Shawn Green is a great listen any time he talks baseball.

Last we heard from Green, he was talking about what it’s like to be locked in and hit four home runs in a game.

Now Green’s subject isn’t as light-hearted. He joins David Vassegh of AM570 LA Sports to talk about the Houston Astros and their sign-stealing exploits. You can hear the entire interview here as we highlight the best parts in this post.

First, remember that Green played with former Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora on the Dodgers. While Cora has recently not been in the nicest light, Green said nice things about him when talking with Vassegh.

“He’s the type of guy that has a super high baseball IQ and if there’s an edge he is going to take. I don’t know the details of his involvement, but he knows how to figure out the little things. He was the quarterback of the team and he’s a really smart baseball man.”

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Another former Dodger in James Loney also chimed in on the character of Alex Cora in a since-deleted tweet, and it was eye-opening, to say the least. 

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Of course, Green is asked about the Houston Astros’ cheating; and he had a good take on it. By comparison, it’s similar to what Ross Stripling has said about the situation in recognizing the difference between cheating and old fashioned baseball. Finally, Green feels really bad for Dodgers fans.

“Once it gets to the point where a third party participates in sign stealing, that is where the line gets crossed. The bummer of the whole situation was the Dodgers were on the wrong end. The biggest tragedy of this whole thing is for Dodger fans.”

Obviously, many people have said similar things to what Green expresses regarding the situation(s). Still, it adds weight to the entire story each time a Dodgers’ legend like Green or Adrian Gonzalez weighs in on the subject.

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  1. I heard Altuve interviewed today. Not once did I hear remorse or any kind of apology. Only stuff like “we’ll pull together as a team” and “we’re headed back to the World Series”. No conscious at all! What a jerk!

    1. I never liked that team I could tell they had no class and bad character even before we knew about cheating. It’s hard to know they are getting off easy. Any player that partook should be suspended one year without pay and Grinch and Dumbhow should be banned for knowing and doing nothing and Cora and Beltran banned for being the masterminds

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