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Dodgers: Shawn Green’s Historic Day in Dodger History

The date is May 23rd – or in the annals of Dodgers’ history – we could call it ‘Shawn Green Day’.

Of course, this is the fateful date that the slugging left-handed swinger had one of the best offensive days in Dodger history. To look at his numbers in the box score almost seem like a typo. Indeed – not only did Green homer four times – he also doubled and singled.

Six hits on that day at Miller Park, in a game that the Dodgers homered eight times total. Green tagged Glendon Rusch, Glendon Rusch, Brian Mallete, and finally Jose Cabrera. A fine day was had by all, as the Dodgers won 16-3.

From the Dodgers’ official twitter account, here’s a look back at the big swing.

Earlier this season, Green spoke about the Dodgers’ Opening Day home run record. Furthermore, he talked about what it was like to ‘be in the zone’ on that fateful day.

“I was feeling the pressure and the fans were letting me hear it a little bit. The first day I hit two home runs and a triple. I found my stroke. After I homered in my first at-bat that next game, I really settled in after hitting four extra-base hits. That’s when it all clicked and I realized I was in the zone.”

That day would serve as the catalyst for the sweet-swinging Green to hit 42 home runs and a .944 OPS. What’s more, it was his last ‘great’ year in the big leagues; although he would go on to play two more years in Los Angeles.

So where were you when this historic performance took place? What do you remember about Shawn Green day? Let us know in the comments below, and help us celebrate Shawn Green Day in style.

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  1. I remember the day when Shawn Green had historic day very well. I was giving a final exam to my students in an Intermediate Accounting class. Since I wasn’t lecturing that day, I tuned into the Dodger game on my classroom computer. Since I was living in Giants country most of my students who were baseball fans were Giants fans but I had a few Dodgers fans in the class. As these Dodger fans finished and dropped off their exams at the front of the room, I told them of the historic day at the plate Shawn had just had.

    1. This is an awesome story, Brock. I love hearing it. I was moving out of a dorm room my sophomore year.

  2. Living in Phoenix, I happened to be attending a sales meeting in Orange County that morning. I got to listen to the game that afternoon on the car radio during my drive home. Ironically, before the game, I heard a promotion on the broadcast that a fan had chosen Shawn as the Dodger picked to hit for “the cycle” during the game. I guess the fan didn’t win because Shawn was a triple short of the “cycle”.

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