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Dodgers Shortstop Miguel Rojas Thinks Pitch Clock is Unfair For Hitters

Dodgers shortstop Miguel Rojas has looked really good at the plate thus far this spring. In 13 at-bats, he has six hits (.429 average), with one home run, two doubles and three runs batted in. He also hasn’t struck out or walked once, meaning he’s consistently putting the ball in play.

Despite the hot start to the spring — and Rojas seemingly well-adjusted to the new pitch clock rules — Rojas is not a fan. He recently told Chris Rose on The Chris Rose Rotation that he “hates” the pitch clock, and doesn’t think it’s necessary to rush the pitchers (and therefore, rush the batters).

“I hate it man” Rojas said. “I don’t think it’s necessary to make the pitcher throw the pitch under 15 or 20 seconds. I think it could have been a little bit better if we have the clock but the clock stops as soon as the pitcher starts the motion… I found myself the other day looking at the clock when the pitch was coming to me because the clock is right there. And that creates a little bit of anxiety because the guy needs to throw the ball.”

Rojas also said that the pitchers are able to use the clock to their advantage. Since the batter only has one timeout, the pitcher is able to put them in a tough position after they use it. We already saw RHP Max Scherzer use it to his advantage this spring, and so, too, did Dodgers RHP Gavin Stone.

“You see pitchers using it already to their advantage,” Rojas said. “Do you know how hard it is to be eight seconds just waiting for the guy to deliver the ball? You get tired.”

It’s easy to understand where Rojas is coming from, and how batters are definitely at the disadvantage as they sit and wait for the pitcher to throw the ball. Hopefully they’re able to continue adjusting, as it still is early in spring.

But it’s always nice to hear from players about the new rules, as they know more than anyone how it’s changing the game. Let’s hope Rojas can continue his hot bat, despite him not liking the new rules.

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  1. Another dumb idea by Moron-fred. My bet is that this is just a way to reduce play time in exchange for added commercials.

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