Dodgers: Should LA Explore Signing Carlos Correa As A Free Agent?

So, this topic is sure to ruffle some many feathers. With the offseason upon us and the Dodgers expected to make a splash this winter with so many of their own free agents on the open market, there’s a wonder in what direction the front office will go. The popular route is to go with what got you there and essentially “run it back” with the players that have been on the roster for years.

However, the idea of changing things up has also been floated around

With that in mind, some fans have discussed the almost unthinkable online since the Dodgers were eliminated in the NLCS. In fact, a couple of weeks back, also the Blue Heaven Podcast asked the question…

In many ways, Carlos Correa would be THE most controversial signing the Dodgers could ever make, and that includes last offseason’s controversial signing. Let’s take a look at some facts regarding Carlos Correa to see if the Dodgers should sign the free agent shortstop.

Correa Is A Very Good Player

In 2021 Carlos Correa slashed .279/.366/.485 (AVG/OBP/SLG) with a bWAR of 7.3. Defensively, he was excellent as FanGraphs rates him as the 5th best shortstop in baseball with a minimum of 300 innings at the position. In contrast, Trea Turner ranked 14th, Corey Seager 35th, and Gavin Lux was 37th. As we all know the Dodgers are in danger of losing Corey Seager to free agency and his bat will be hard to replace. Correa comes up just a bit short of Seager’s offense but his defense would be a huge upgrade.

The Market

Last season the Mets traded for Francisco Lindor and promptly signed him to a 12 year/$341 million contract. Lindor then went out and slashed .230/.322/.412. Lindor and Correa are similar in age and experience as they were both chosen in the first round of the 2011 draft. Notably, the competition for Correa as the top player in the 2022 free agent class is our own Corey Seager. Seager has better offensive numbers at .306/.394/.521 but the defense is far behind Correa’s.

This offer from the Astros won’t do it. I see at least 7-8 years at $250M for Correa.

It is not impossible that Seager ends up signing to play another position. Both players have a history of missing significant portions of the season but I expect them to get similar and very expensive contracts. Two other shortstops that are free agents are Javy Baez (.265/.319/.494) and Trevor Story (.251/.329/.471) but I expect them to be lower-tiered than Seager and Correa.

The 2017 Cheating Scandal

As if you need a reminder, the Astros probably stole the 2017 World Series from the Dodgers. ESPN has a great wrap-up on the cheating scandal and I’m not going to go into it again. However, Carlos Correa put himself right into the middle of the scandal’s aftermath.

Do the Dodgers want this on their team?

Or the guy that thinks he is a victim when he was one of the cheaters?

Carlos Correa, with his mouth and actions, made himself the number one villain of the cheating scandal.

Fan Reaction

Let’s see what some of you think?

In an unscientific study, most fans who responded did not want Correa.


Just like many of the fans that are against the Dodgers signing Carlos Correa, I strongly agree with them. My preference is for the Dodgers to make Corey Seager the third baseman and sign him to the contract that keeps him with the Dodgers. Trea Turner can slide over to shortstop and the Dodgers can throw Gavin Lux into completion to play second base.

Last offseason the Dodgers’ signing of a player with questionable character totally backfired. It is unclear if that player ever really fit into the clubhouse before he was caught in a horrific scandal. Now, would someone like Correa fit into the clubhouse? Would he be someone that fans would want on the team? No doubt, he is a real good player but there is no way I see the Dodgers going out and trying to sign him. Just keep Corey Seager and work from there.

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Tim Rogers

A fan of the Dodgers since 1973 since I got my first baseball cards while living in Long Beach. I came to San Diego for college and never left nor did I ever switch my Dodgers' allegiance. Some know me as the "sweater guy". #ProspectHugger


  1. Nope. It’s one thing to cheat. And its another to not really take responsibility for it. But then to somehow imply that the people who are upset at your cheating are at fault. We don’t need a gaslighter like that on the team

    1. Yes! That’s what makes it even worse. He’s a POS. At least Morton is showing remorse, and he wasn’t even one of the main players in the scandal (although he knew about it).

  2. This article is just kind of stirring the pot to get reaction. He will never wear Dodger Blue. Just as we did not continue after Ardolis Chapman a few years back; we should pass on Correa. He is fortunate 2017 was not 1919.Like others have said here; he has never apologized. Never taken responsibility. No, he should be considered a .220 hitter with below average skills in our management’s eyes. He will bring that to our dugout.

  3. No Correa. Seager leaves let’s say. Obviously Turner goes there SS. I really think we go all in on Freeman. Why? Seager not in our lineup changes things drastically. Justin Turner will not play more than 130. Who can we really count on in playoffs to hit now? Yes Muncy can play 2nd and third and first. Lux will get his shot one more time at 2nd. WE MUST SIGN TAYLOR all agree. I know lots of what ifs, CBA to deal with, lots of FA’s so most won’t get their huge contracts. PLEASE RESIGN ALEX WOOD AND GET RICH HILL FOR 1.5 MILLION. Maybe we can get half a season out of him till May returns. JOC PETERSEN sign for 10-12 million. Maybe Nelson Cruz for DH. If Friedman wants to spend $$$ We all want Kershaw and Sherzer and Kenley but I get it can’t have it all.

  4. It’s a shame he’s a cheater because we could use his personality on this soft team since Mookie decided he was only going to lead in 2020

  5. HELL NO. I’m actually insulted for me and the other faithful Dodger fans that you would actually broach this topic. I don’t know who I can’t stand worse, Correa or Altuve. I’ll become a giants or yankee fan before I root for him, and that’s when hell freezes over.

    1. Tom, I concur with you completely. Why this topic was even brought up at all is beyond me. If Seager and Boras don’t demand the sun, moon and stars then attempt to re-sign him on condition he must be willing to move to 3rd.

  6. I’d rather see him at the bottom of the ocean than being a Dodger. That would be the worst signing in the history of MLB’s existance. They need to resign CT3 and sign Kris Bryant.

  7. Forget Seager all together. He’s going to NY and most likely be very rich (thanks to Scott B) and also uncomfortable as well (ask Francisco L) when the New Yorkers turn on him as soon as his first slump, error or injury occurs. Trea on a long term deal to play SS, CT for outfield or second if Lux flames out again and N Castellanos as a much needed additional right handed bat. Freeman and another left handed bat makes no sense at his age in my opinion.

    1. Freeman is going back to Atlanta. Castellanos is a maybe. I think that Kris Bryant should be signed.

  8. heck no! we don’t want or need a cheater no matter how good of a player he is! NOT on this team! we have more class!!

  9. Without Seager, LA has 3 pretty good shortstops: TTurner, Lux, and Taylor. They need to re-sign Taylor for 3-5 years, leave JTurner at 3rd for 2022, and sign Scherzer for 2-3 years. He rocked at the end of this year, but at his age, durability is iffy and Boras will undoubtedly want more money than he’s worth. Don’t pay it. Kershaw was not as good and his durability is even more suspect. We need pitchers who will take us through October. Jansen would be a great signing, but not if he holds out for too much money. He may be considered the closer for now, but that status has repeatedly been unpopular.

  10. Yeah right…and Altuve also…package deal..and why not offer DB a job as new manager and maybe buyout #30’s contract and what about the free $ that Cole Hamels got.?…and thick skinned Bauer’s contract will be awfully hard to chew. WAIT UNTIL SPRING and Trevor will apologize and then everything will be good. C’mon…forgive this guy and get on with the show. There’s the Dodger’s 3rd STARTER because Scherzer would prefer NOT to pitch under Roberts again. CK is going to think hard about how Posey left with some dignity and on top of his game. It’s a shame that more players don’t follow Buster’s act instead of milking the machine. It’s time for CK to move on to the next chapter in his life. JT also. Time to hang up the cleats boys.

  11. If the Dodgers are interested in signing Correa, they might as well bring Bauer back – they are both in the same “league” as far as I’m concerned.

  12. I say not just no but a loud hell no to Correa. None of those cheaters should ever soil the Dodgers locker room!

  13. Dodger players would go on strike if the FO signed Correa

    Rightfully so

    That’s like Jewish folks inviting Hitler to dinner.

    Ain’t gonna happen

    1. Juco I’d like to agree with you, but money talks. I just hope the Dodgers are above that.

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