Dodgers: Should LA Give Dave Roberts That Contract Extension? Fans React

A report over the weekend revealed that Dave Roberts is hoping for and expecting discussions this winter about a contract extension with the Dodgers. Doc is entering the final year of a four-year extension signed after the 2018 season. Since then, he’s led the Dodgers to a World Series title and two 106 win seasons in LA. 

However, after coming up short in 2021, fans are on edge about Dave at the helm. In today’s edition of Dodgers Dougout, we discuss if the organization should offer Roberts a contract extension. Plus, we dive into some reactions from fans online.

WATCH: Dave Roberts Contract Extension With Dodgers, Doc Expecting New Deal, Should LA Give Doc Extension?

In dropping the news on Doc looking for a new deal earlier this week on our Twitter, fans reacted in droves. As you can imagine with this being only a few days after LA got bounced from the postseason, emotions had their say, but many fans are still high on Dave’s ability to keep a team together.

What kind of deal do you think the Dodgers should offer Dave? Or would you let him go out into 2022 as a lame duck manager on the final year of that four-year deal? 

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. The ONLY thing Mr. Roberts should get are his walking papers, LA fans (90%) have had enough of him.

    Albert P or Mike S should be tops on the list to replace him. Albert, first year, player/manager. Either man would be a solid replacement.

    Thank you for your time and consideration Dodger FO, Kindest Regards, LA Dodger fans.


    1. This is not an up or down on your point but your post reminded me of Steven Wright when he once said “43.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.”

  2. Doug, pretty harsh for a guy with a pretty solid track record. Before the NLCS I would have said it should have been no question yes. After the NLCS I’m not so sure. Kinda on the fence now. My suggestion would to tell the FO to keep its nose out of managerial decisions and see what happens in 2022 and re-evaluate.

    1. You and I have bantered back and forth about this…..

      Give any manager this roster, they will do fine, if not better….. This roster is a ‘plug and play’ group. It is the in-game decisions of Roberts that is where his failures lye…. Not to mention the ‘spa days, every day’. Hope he is enjoying his spa days now that he has no game decisions to deal with…..

      Just this one reporters opinion……


      1. Doug, I love your passion for the Dodgers. I think we agree strategic-wise. From a management standpoint, in-game decisions aren’t the only things to consider (at least IMO). it’s also about how you relate to the players as well. Overall I think Doc has done fairly well. It is your prerogative to differ. Won’t upset me. You make me laugh and smile daily with your razor-sharp wit. I always look when I see you post. Thank you. Regards df4l

          1. Roberts won’t get fired because it would need to be a
            “collaborative” decision from the “tippy top” of the organization to the ball girls. (Rim shot!)
            Oh yeah and strategic-wise is the Greek version of strategery

          2. LOL

            OK ‘ladies!’ lmao!


            Your words were very kind, and for that I thank you! Back at you!


      2. Dougie, it is this reporter’s opinion that what you stated is purely conjecture. Absolutely no way to prove stated claim. Yes/no? In a Perfect world all outcomes are known…sadly this doesn’t exist in reality. You may very well be right but there is no way to test the hypothesis. There is software that allows what if scenarios to be run in business, don’t think such can be applied here. Respectfully submitted, df4l

        1. D4L e,

          Heck know, you are absolutely correct.

          I just think (wish) sometimes, 90% of Dodger fans think like me! Wishful thinking on my part…..

          PS – Lets hope Andrew F didn’t notice what Rob Blake/LA Kings, did yesterday. On an off day, he sent down 3 players to the minors, only to bring them back a day later. All to save the NHL salary for THE DAY vrs their minor league salary on their 2 way contracts. As Lucy sang in one of her episodes, “I Get Ideas!” NOOOOOO!

          1. The CBA will change a lot of stuff! Young players getting underpaid, older players getting replaced by cheaper younger ones, etc.

            I say 120 season and expanded playoffs are a win win. But who knows.

    2. Dodgerfan,
      The only way I would agree to keep him is if the Dodgers hire a general manager just to keep Friedman out of the lineup decisions and also, Roberts should learn to make his own choices and be more aggressive on playing small ball (bunting, hit and run, move guys over) when men are on first or second. Otherwise it’s time to try somebody else. Albert Pujols or Mike Sciosia comes to mind.

      1. Dac, I’ve stated previously I have no problem with who heads the juggernaut. I’m an Al Davis guy…just win baby. How we get there is completely irrelevant to me. I think I differ from many here as I don’t let my personal feelings for a particular person interfere with my quest for the ultimate goal…Rings!!! Any person or thing detrimental to that goal needs to be addressed!

      2. Dac,

        I think your managerial suggestions are a great idea!

        Maybe the Dodgers offer us fans a ‘suggestion box’. We should flood it!


  3. Um no. Way too many fancy and unorthodox decisions that put players in difficult spots or added unnecessary adversity.

    Let’s try someone else. Mike Scioscia, Kevin Kennedy, Bruce Bochy, Brad Ausmus, Walt Weiss, Buck Showwalter, Fredi Gonzalez?

    In case you’re wondering Craig Counsell is signed thru 2023 with Milwaukee.

    1. Scioscia is the only Dodger in the group you mention. I think it’s a tough sell to go outside the Dodger family. Maybe I’m wrong on that front but just my take.

      1. Scotty, Padres are also interviewing Ozzie Guillen. I’d be shocked if Ozzie wasn’t their choice, he’s a no brainer for the dummy duo Fernando and Manny.

      2. Scotty, Pad’s hired Bob Melvin former A’s manager. Kind of surprised by the hire. I certainly thought Ozzie Guillen who was also interviewed would have been a better fit. But what do I know.

        Now the question becomes who will be the next A’s skipper? Stay tuned.

    2. Scioscia- 1 WS in 19 years, 6 Div Titles
      Bochy- 3 WS but never won more than 92 games in 25 years as a manager
      Kennedy- last year managed 1996 and only 4 years
      Ausmus- 5 years manager never more than 90w
      Weiss- 4 years .437 W/L lol
      Showalter- 20 years .506 3 div titles.
      Gonzales??? None found

      None of the above mentioned have credentials anywhere near as good as Doc’s

        1. How does anyone think that would fly in LA? Sure let me wait 17 years before we get to a WS lol.

      1. d4l…..

        You can’t tell me you are not Dave Roberts! Nobody sticks up for him (or yourself) like you do!

        I have NEVER seen you and Dave in the same room at the same time, never once! lol


        1. Lol! Unbelievable. You just made me do another 100 sit-ups!

          Already given you so many clues. Can’t believe you haven’t figured me out yet. Now I’m really disappointed. Lol

          1. D4L….

            Sweatn’ to the oldies, eh? lol “I think I can, I think I can…..”

            I’ve got a pretty good idea on things….


            You won’t answer my question (yes, I have noticed). That being, ‘What was your FB clocked at?’

            So, let me rephrase it…..

            “How fast was your fastball?” lol

            Sometimes one has to dumb down questions to get the answer!

            Your move, Putin!


          2. D4L….

            I have my main comment awaiting moderation…..

            That said…


            How ’bout this…. Go back to the $100K Pyramid game show… before the winners circle, the back and forth…. I present to you….



          3. Dougie, for the 4th time…

            My heater was an Eephus lol

            Oh but my uncle Charlie? Whoa! 16 k’s in 6 innings!

            Everyone stepping in the bucket lol!

  4. John Smoltz is a guy who I think would make a great manager. He seems to be thinking like a manager when he does commentary.

    1. Terry, Smoltz made an interesting comment tonight on the WS broadcast in regards to pitching. He mentioned about how pitchers are now trained to go max effort. That explains why starters don’t go deep into games anymore. Very enlightening.

  5. It his lack of communication skills. His inability to look back and admit he woulda/coulda/shoulda done things differently. He has never uttered the words” in retrospect, if I had to do it all over again, next time”,
    He can’t say — I would not use a needed starter in a relief situation if I still had trusted bullpen arms available, unless it was the 7th game of the world series, and maybe even then, the guys who are used to coming in these relief situations are the most suited to get the outs we need.

  6. The author cited something about DR worried about a lame duck situation. I find that argument weak. Alston was on a 1 yr contract EACH YEAR. Someone else mentioned Lasorda was too. I don’t know about the latter but I know it was true about the former. So it shouldn’t be an issue. I say let him finish his contract and re-evaluate.

    1. My concern is the available free agents and those up for being traded from other teams just may not want to play here due to the over thinking and out smarting themselves that FO and Roberts have been cited as being guilty of. No player i would guess would want to come here knowing that mis management would hinder their chances of just being allowed to play without being in and out of the lineup and being asked to play various positions all the time. Just a thought here. But I say NO to a contract extension at this time.

      1. Paul, recall that Mad Max had a no-trade clause in his contract…he chose to come to LA! Lame criticism. AP was ecstatic to become a Dodger too! Players love Doc.

        1. Ok maybe Beaty “the dog murderer” doesn’t lol. Someone once commented that the reason Doc didn’t like Beaty was because he ran over Doc’s dog! Lol

          This is joke people. Don’t go calling the SPCA

          1. I’m only saying there may be some players that would not be ‘al in on how the team is micro managed. But now will Mad Max want to re- sign here? IDK.

          2. IDK about Mad Max either, his agent certainly won’t help though.

      2. Paul,

        Totally agree with the fact that some players will not want to come back due to the way things are handled internally….. But that has been the back story for years, we just don’t know and should not know.

        Keep things in the family, good or bad. Mad Max is a prime example. Trea T didn’t look too excited to be a Dodger either. We will see next season…..


        1. Unfortunately for Dodger fans, Trea is an “East Coast guy.” It’s known his family is from there. Wouldn’t shock me at all to see him get traded back there. Who mans SS, possibly Lux, possibly CT3. So many possibilities.

          Max on the other hand a St. Louis guy. Also wouldn’t surprise me to see him there either. He and Waino and Flaherty would be a tough trio. WSS

  7. Alston was THE MAN. I always thought Lasorda was good but not great as a manager. Which is where Roberts is. Everyone second guesses.him; and yet his record does speak for itself. Time is the great equalizer .He deserves another contract at this point. He has been a big rah rah guy for us. I would guess he will get us to the playoffs and series many more times. We need to accept him with all his imperfections.

    1. Wayne, that’s my contention. How many managers in MLB have 3 WS appearances in 4 years? Every manager makes mistakes, just part of the deal. Ok I’ll wait….

      1. Well … Joe Torre. He who was a disaster with the Mets, mediocre with the Braves, sucked with the Cardinals, became an alleged genius with the Yankees, before ending as mediocre with the Dodgers.

    1. Go Braves! I’m tuned in on the DVR recording of the game. But the writer here says most decions are of the collaborative process with FO and coaching staff. So some of these in game decisions mentioned are not his alone. Goes back to the FO mingling ya talked about.

  8. I would say no but it doesn’t matter who’s managing. They only hire puppets. If he’s replaced we will see the same exact thing with a different person

  9. Braves showed in game 1 of WS they are a pretty dog gone good team. Lose their #1 starter in the 3rd inning but still won 6-2. Now think they might go on and win it all. I’m rooting for them. Hate those cheaters!

    1. What’s the over/under on Joc Strap and his hits vrs strike outs in the series? Over/under on the Medoza Line?


        1. Our banter is quite unique.

          I do enjoy a good, quick witted back and forth….

          Very hard to come by these days…. Especially when I am on the road. I turn the place upside down! But everyone has a great time, as it should be.


  10. Look who and what the Dodgers lost thru the playoffs , and regular season, it’s really easy as a fan to pass judgements, I can’t stant people like you, I find it really funny how you come up with why a guy who had a team that had so many issue’s and injuries, and you want him gone, no mananger is perfect but the guy we have is in the right position. For god sake tdo your home work all you major legue managers………….NOT

  11. For what it’s worth. I managed in Little League team for about 15 years (I know I can hear the laughs but that’s ok) My last four years we won the League championship. I had some very great coaches who helped greatly and with the kids. Now the important stuff, I made trades every year prior to the season (we kept this info secret from the players) It’s hard to explain it all here in a short time. The bottom line was that it was ALWAYS the players performing who won the games and the championships not the coaching staff, we only put the team together and gave them the knowledge and tools to perform it was the players who did it, and never could do it without them.

    1. Excellent point! Most here think they can simply will a player to perform. Sorry it doesn’t work that way.

  12. The excuse for many of his mess-ups is he manages analytically like the front office demands, Did the front office want him to use 2 of our best starters as relievers?
    Scherzer, almost definitely will sign elsewhere. He is concerned that screwing with his pitching regimen will stop him from performing at his best. Roberts had an elite bull pen to work with, but instead he showed them he didn’t think they were good enough to relieve. Roberts needs to be sent kicking rocks.

    1. Mike, Max chose to come into game 5 of the NLDS…just the same as Trea’s refusal to play CF and put Lux in a tough spot! Max could have said no, he didn’t. Same for Julio in game 2 of the NLCS. His choice too. Nobody pointing any guns at temples here. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  13. The Dodgers need a manager that will hold the players accountable. One of he sees them loafing or hung over will sit their rumps down. One thing about Alston and Lasorda, there was none of this ” I’ll talk to the player and see how he feels” B.S,. There was NO Grab slap on the tail, it was “You perform or you sit” and that’s what this team needs. I don’t see much respect for Drrrrrrrr from the players. When is the last interview with a player that talked about how GREAT Drrrrrrrr is? Find me one. You heard it all the time when Lasorda was running things. I do recall several instances though when roberts pulled a pitcher and they wanted to lay Drrrrr out after handing him the ball. Fans that have watched this team will know what I’m talking about… Drrrrrrrrr needs to be a base coach for the red Sox…….I’d rather have Davey Lopes……

    1. Kirk, I can accept the point you’re trying to make here and it’s a valid criticism as well. At the same time I will ask you to re-read Don Sayer’s comments directly below and show me who will do better?

    2. Kirk, here is another view of your argument for more discipline from a manager…how much player control was there during Alston’s time? No FA right? Even though Lasorda managed during years FA was in existence (Thank you Curt Flood), players certainly didn’t have as much control as they do today. It’s just a different ballgame today Kirk. You know it. Today’s players are afforded luxuries not available to their forefathers. It’s these differences which shape the player/manager relationship. Let’s face it there are no “Vince Lombardi” “Mike Ditka” equivalent managers in baseball. Those days are long gone, just like my pitching elbow lol.

  14. Think NOT how much you’ve won with Roberts, think of the MISSED opportunities because of his unconventional moves that have cost have not only games, but titles. How can a team that uses analytics so much to field a winner every year, fail so miserably by having their weakest link at the helm.

  15. With all the injuries and the Bauer situation, I am still amazed the Dodgers won 106 games. Lack of timely offense and starting pitching depth finally did them in in the post season. There was also lack of bench depth. Dave kept having to play those hitting under .200, and and what really drove Dodgers fans nuts is Doc playing sub-.200 hitters over Matt Beaty, like Doc had a personal vendetta against Beaty. The offense was horrible overall in the post season. If the Giants wouldn’t have been as good as they were, the Dodgers would have won the West by double-digit games, and then people wouldn’t be all in Dave’s sh1t. Doc’s situational management in the post season was highly questionable, especially when he chose to pitch to hot hitters with first base open. So long story short, I don’t think there is a better option out there than Dave Roberts. He had to use the roster he was given. The FO needs to do better this off season.

    1. Joe, very well said. Anyone here think the Dodgers lose the NLCS with HFA? I doubt it.

  16. Alston won 4 World Series in 23 years, that’s with Koufax and Drysdale the two best pitchers in Dodgers history. .556 % winning pct.

    Lasorda won 2 World Series in 20 years, .526 % winning pct.

    Roberts won 1 World Series but should of had 2 if Houston had been caught cheating.
    .622 % winning pct.

    Yasiel Puig***

    Alston and Lasorda never had to manage egotistical people like him. People making hundreds of millions in guaranteed money.
    Do I like Roberts ? I don’t like how he managed his pitching staff.
    He’s better in today’s game with his chemistry than most others, Giants manager Gabe would be my only replacement to him. But hatred for anything Giants negates that.
    Just my 2 cents.

    1. Don, I congratulate you on your wisdom! Us old pitchers know our stuff right? I agree with you 1000%

      Too many here think they understand the game better than they do. What can you do?

      Thank you for your comments. I for one appreciate them. Regards df4l

    2. Don, yes unfortunately for the Fire Roberts crowd, Doc just so happens to be on a trajectory towards the HOF just like Alston and Lasorda. Folks there is something to be said for continuity. At the bottom of these comments I will repost some stats from another WS winner you may find interesting.

  17. Any other manager with half a brain would have a higher winning percentage that this f’n Roberts the Clown. If any Dodgers like him it’s because he doesn’t hold them accountable for anything. He’s too buddy-buddy. I can’t stand this fool nor Friedbrain.I have been fortunate to live through the Alston and Lasorda eras. The last few years have been the least enjoyable. Makes me wish for an expansion team in Southern Calif.

    1. Just because you don’t like someone’s personality doesn’t make them a bad manager.

      1. And we actually agree on Friedbrain. He wiped-out the vaunted Dodger farm system! It used to be the best in baseball, now ranked 15th!

        1. 15th For 2022. It will be back in the top 5 in 2023. It’s only 15th for 2022 because he traded Gray and Ruiz for Scherzer and Turner. Bad move?

          1. Bum4, another road you don’t really want to go down either. For every good move I can point 5 bad ones! But it’s pointless. IIWII

          2. DF4L … Oh but I do. To suggest AF makes 5 bad moves for every 1 right is just … well I’ll leave it at that for now but I’m happy to take it up with you anytime.

          3. Bum4, I will always begin with I respect your opinion. You are very insightful. We can go over the AF issue whenever you choose. It evolves daily anyway. Every decision made leaves room for my view to change at a moments notice. It’s a fluid thing, nothing is etched in stone. I’m not rigid and am willing to forgive past transgressions if warranted. The only thing I’m rigid on is my view of the Cheaters thing. That will never change! Those b@strds should have been banned from baseball for life!!! Sorry no forgiveness possible there.

  18. DF4L, thanks we agree Roberts deserves a contract extension.
    His real test comes in the next few months, who to keep?
    Kenley? Roberts struggled to use him early season but down the stretch he shined.
    Past his prime time to move on?
    Kershaw? Arm issues , back issues, he’s done in my mind, 3 rd best pitcher in Dodger history all time. First ballot HOF.
    Max Scherzer? When Roberts went to remove him that first time and he refused to leave told me a lot, he won’t return , his choice.

    My point? The moves made in the off season will determine the success next year. Since the Dodgers have always had the best scouts, and farm system time will tell. Trust Roberts to do the hard but right thing. Dave is a winner and his record proves it.

    1. Don, all true. With Max I’m not so sure though. As reluctant as he was to exit the WC game, he was not in the NLCS. Did you notice that? Tough to know there as we don’t have all the back story. Only time will make that apparent. I was really concerned that Max might have something more serious than “dead arm” when he couldn’t go on 6 days rest? Really? Time will answer that.

      Folks here get hung-up on personality issues with Doc more than his record. It’s ok not to like someone’s personality, but to say he’s a terrible manager just goes against his track record. I’m certainly not going to skewer him for losing to WS’s to proven cheaters! And losing a meaningless exhibition game as well (all-star games).

      Show me a manager with more than 3 WS appearances in 4 years! Ok I’ll wait…lol

    2. I think the DH in the NL will prove to be a huge windfall for the Dodgers going forward.

      Very interesting point on Max….

      While I don’t agree with your take on Roberts, I find your comments quite interesting… Many of which will be discussed in length further as the off-season unfolds.

      I think the CBA and its’ passage will hold up everything…. We could be in for a long wait.


      1. Dougie, my biggest fear is another 1994…no World Series…players strike. Real possibility.

    3. good points Don. I might quibble with doc’s “…real test comes in the next few months, who to keep?” With doc’s input the Ownership and the front office have as much or more say in how the team is constructed. Dodgerfan4life would rather the Dodgers replace Andrew Friedman for Dodgers failed roster construction, than replace doc. At the end of the day, doc can provide input, but the FO fills the roster.

      1. Doc can only voice his opinion on roster needs, he has absolutely no control over how those needs are met. Strictly FO issues. I’ve stated on numerous occasions that even though I like Doc, I had real issues with his in-game decision making during the NLCS. I can state plenty of mis-steps. Unnecessary to re-hash here. Everyone makes mistakes. Doc does others thing well such as relating to players, getting them to “buy-in” and such which are all part of being a good manager. Not really sure why I’m even bringing this up now. Mind is wandering I guess. Need to find an appropriate story to post things I just found on my favorite criticism target. Most of you will already know who that is. Stay tuned, highly interesting.

  19. Not to nit-pick but winning percentage isn’t the best stat. Number of times a manager gets his team to the post-season in shape to win there is my criteria, along with winning percentage in the post-season.
    Managers who build solid relationships with their players are most likely to succeed. That doesn’t mean they don’t sit players who aren’t performing or need rest or they can’t shuffle the batting order when needed.
    Letting Doc work out his contract, without F/O meddling would be a reasonable approach. It’s quite possible that next year’s success will depend more on how well the front office equips Doc than his skills as a manager. Regardless, managers and players need to step up in the post-season. Doc’s post season skills leave something to be desired, no?

    1. 65yr, I greatly appreciate your input. Very insightful to say the least.

      As far as Doc’s postseason record is concerned, let’s review:
      Hired following 2015 season.
      2016 loses to WS champs in NLCS
      2017 loses WS to proven cheaters
      2018 loses WS again to cheater led team
      2019 loses NLDS to WS champs
      2020 Whoa!
      2021 loses NLCS to possibly WS champs

      Is this the record of a poor manager? I say no. Others may choose to disagree, I can’t change their mind.

      1. All I can say is boy is baseball a tough business.

        Look at AJ Preller’s job (Padres GM). Hires a manager with no prior MLB experience (Jayce Tingler) and watches a team which was supposed to contend for the NL title implode in the 2nd half. Have huge long term contracts to major super-stars who don’t appear to get along. Now has to find someone to babysit these two clowns. Ok so far?

        Let’s move on. Mike Rizzo (Washington Nats GM). He’s had a roving turnstile of managers who can’t seem to satisfy Ownership while winning 4 of 6 Division titles!

        Davey Johnson goes 98-64 (Div title) and 86-76 (2nd NL East)…thanks for playin, cya!

        Matt Williams goes 96-66 (Div title) and 83-79 (2nd NL East)…again thanks for playin, cya. Notice a pattern?

        Dusty Baker goes 95-67 (Div title) and 97-65 (Div title)…wtf? Thanks for playin cya? Geez!

        Dave Martinez goes 82-80 (2nd) and he gets to keep his job? I’m shocked. Goes 93-69 (2nd) and saves his bacon by winning the WS! This year Rizzo has a fire sale (sends Schwarber to the Red Sox, Gomes to the A’s, Max and Trea to well you know where lol) and wins 65 games pfft!

        Why do I bring this up?

        I think Dusty really got shafted! Win 192 games in 2 years and 2 division titles and still get the axe? Really? He was out of baseball for 3 years and took the Cheaters job because no others would, more than likely. He had to come in and clean up somebody else’s mess. I feel bad for him because I think he’s a really good guy. However, it’s unforgivable in my opinion to be a manager of a bunch of guys who don’t belong in baseball. I know I certainly couldn’t justify it to myself if I were him.

        Truly a tough job. Pays pretty well though 😉

        In comparison, Doc has been averaging close to 100 wins a year. I think the Fire Roberts crowd is a bit spoiled if you ask me.

  20. I really hope that Roberts will be fired. He doesn’t deserve to manage a baseball game ever again.

  21. Roberts was exposed this year. Sure, he got away with a 60-game season last year, and everyone was still fresh at the playoffs.

    But without Zaidi, Roberts mis-managed the team, while Zaidi took a pre-season 4th place projected Giants team and set a Giants franchise record with 107 wins!

    I chalk up Roberts success 2017-19 to Zaidi! Just how do you explain the Giants?!?!

  22. The past couple of years, I have had the time to watch a lot of baseball. A lot of different teams. Give him the extension before next season. I don’t see anyone any better, plus he’s loyal to the Blue.

    I like all the armchair managers who pick apart his decisions the morning after. I heard no complaints after the wild card game. Or after the Giant series.

    This will be the biggest turnover in Dodger players in many years. Don’t screw it up by changing the manager also.

    1. Well, living in SoCal you may or may not hear complaints after the Giants series. However, in NorCal, Mike Krukow had a LOT to say! He said that Roberts using his starters as relievers was the reason why they were bounced by the Braves.

      First of all, last year was a 60-game season. Everyone was fresh for the playoffs. This year, they had to endure a 162-game schedule, with Urias and Buehler throwing more innings on the year than ever in their career.

      Then, they all started the last week of the season, then started against the Giants, then relieved against the Giants, then started again on short rest. Krukow knows a thing or two about baseball, and pitching in particular. He says that is why the pitchers were dead against the Braves, and that it didn’t have to be that way.

      But, Roberts is all about the “matchups”, while relievers expect to go against anyone in the lineup. They relievers should have been used, and the starters rested. I’ll take Krukow’s analysis over yours any dam day!

      1. Dodgersince68,

        That’s a load of hooey. Alston and Lasorda pitched their respective horses until their Darms fell off!

        Koufax and Drysdale tossed over 300+ innings a year. Koufax started and tossed a complete game shutout in the WS in game 7 on TWO DAYS REST!

        Krukow doesn’t know sh!t then. Pardon my French.

        Buehler and Urias would have been considered relievers by those guys’ standards lol!

        Give me break!

  23. When your players cannot take advantage of the shift defense, does it really matter who the manager is or will be? Swinging with a high percentage of the result being a homer, SO, or walk is not a sustainable success, as proven by the up and down offense. Yes, the Dodgers scored a lot of runs and had the highest margin of for and against, but this team lost because they failed at RISP success outside of hitting the home run. The playoffs proved this fault and one main reason if not the number one reason. None of the top hitters took advantage of the shift when in place to get on-base and the launch-angle metric of the swing is killing hitters.

    1. Taryn, very fair criticisms. The only thing I will add is that this is only looking at one side of the game. Offense. Anyone can debate this issue endlessly, it is my contention that Pitching and Defense win WS titles and not offense. I’m entirely entitled to that opinion. But hopefully it might get people to re-think their hypotheses.

      1. Ok question time. Show of hands, when you think of the Dodgers what is the first thing that comes to mind? What has their team been based on?

        Answer? Bet most people would reply…PITCHING


    2. good points except all of baseball hits like this now. and the 2 best teams in MLB this season the gnats and the Dodgers lead the NL in HRs! Hitting HR, SO or walk translated to 107 and 106 wins – incredible seasons.

      I would offer this: that depending on the circumstance, the hitter needs to cut down their swing and get a base hit, a barrel on the ball, high exit velocity, and forget launch angle. That will produce more baserunners, more pressure on the defense, and improve RISP hitting. Got to have both nowadays!

  24. It appears to me the MLB offenses today are like a toolbox missing a hammer and a screwdriver! They don’t utilize all the possibilities! They lack creativity. It’s sad. But the game evolves in different ways. Look at how pitchers are now used. When was the last complete game by a starter? 2005? Lol

    1. I’m of course being sarcastic, there were all of 14 complete games by a starter in 2021. Back in my day 1988 there were 511. Just a little different 😉

      1. And Steve Sax was throwing every ball into the stands….. God love our boy Steve. Had a blast w/ him on ‘Boss’.


        1. Let me change that into my world…. music.

          25 or 6 to 4…..

          23 or 8 to 15

          There, fixed it…..


          1. Dougie, Oh how I miss Chicago! Saw them 3rd row center at the Fabulous Forum in 1977!

            Have Walter Parazader’s autograph hanging on my wall.

            Met him at LACMA (LA County Museum of Art) a number of years and he was shocked when I asked him for is autograph. He says “Do you know who I am?” I go of course…your John Travolta Lol. Just kidding. He was shocked I knew who was though

          2. And, Peter Cetera is one of the nicest guys around….. Although, give me Ann Wilson (my future ex-wife, don’t tell Dean)/Stevie Nicks any day of the week…..


          3. Never knew Kimball. Steve and I grew up a few blocks apart. Remember going over to his house when we were kids and him always messing around with his guitar. Never in a million years did I think it would actually turn into something lol.

          4. Danny Seraphine is one of my FB friends. We lived a few blocks apart for a while too. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about.

          5. Of course!

            Did you buy chance get over to Brian and Dennis Wilson’s home?

          6. They grew up in Hawthorne I think. I grew up at the base of Universal Studios.

          7. Dougie, what’s with the 23-8-15?? Sorry I don’t get the reference there. A double-play combo?

  25. Everytime someone brings up stats like this for canidate managers they fail to mention none of those managers ever had anywhere close to the talent we have. Its not a matter of being liked or Dave Roberts record. I believe any manager can achieve Dave Roberts record by being asleep on the bench and letting these players play baseball. All ball players have egos, and this bunch is no different. Its a matter of a good manager making solid managerial decisions and not losing games through crazy roster mismanagement. Analytics have helped the game but also brought insanity. You can’t play small ball anymore because players can’t bunt..and don’t have the fundamentals required, Go back and look how they square for bunts…its ridiculous. I agree, we can agree to disagree on Dave Roberts, but its insanity to watch him do the same dumb things over and over and pretend he’s going to change. What other teams that have won the World Series with lesser talent players and play analytics baseball like we do? Solid smart baseball is how you win…and if you don’t, well you just got beat by a team that was a little luckier. Were any of the teams we lost to luckier than we were? more talented? Nope…we got out managed, no excuse with a roster like we had…absent the bench of course. When injuries and slumps hit, well that’s part of the game, but a manager losing games is not. Someday players like Andy Burns and Souza may be good players…but the playoffs are not the time to find out if your right. Analytics has its places in the game…hunches do not…and smart fundamental baseball trumps them all. No outs and you cant get players from second home, consistently I might add, was never a problem pre-analytics. We get stuck on 3rd with no outs for christ sakes ! I am sure Dave is a nice guy. But players don’t get better being pulled willy nilly, nor do they like it. It may prolong their careers, but its only worth it if you stay in L.A. No one wants an old healthy ball player. So let the best players play and have solid back ups and a good bench, just the ways it was always been played. Rest when needed and have a manager who manages players and puts the best product on the field. And for the record, I love Pujols, but seriously…for manager?…if he cant manage his weight, how’s he gonna manage a team?..bad decisions will always begat more…see Dave Roberts…what about Piazza !!!…by the way you guys have great opinions

    1. PiazzaFan….

      Great overview, thank you! I agree.

      What part of analytics states when you have a completely open side of the infield and not bunt into it, you won’t get a hit.


      1. Analytics implosion again in game 2 of WS. Cheaters shift-busting there way to the lead. This is why I thought the Braves had no chance in the series initially. But they managed to get a superbly pitched game by their pen yet again and took game 1. I’m praying the Braves can pull it off.

  26. Taryn is correct. Next year they should try to hit through the side of the defense left unprotected by the shift. High batting average for such attempts.

    Also 4 or 5 in the line up each game should be stealing bases when the pitcher has a poor move to first, takes too long to deliver the pitch, or the catcher is not good at throwing out base stealers. Trea, Mookie, Bellinger, Chris Taylor, Pollock, and Lux should combine for 200 stolen bases in 2022.

    Roberts must go due to poor in game strategy..

    I agree that Pujols should be offered the manager job.

  27. NO. DR can go. He screwed up more games to be losses bcuz of his pitching changes or no pitching changes. Look at the belief that came into the clubhouse when Albert Pujols showed up! He brought faith and trust. Albert P. is a winner and my choice. DR be gone..

  28. There was too much instability in the batting order this year, with players being switched around in the lineup and taking too long to have them put where they really belonged to best utilize their skillsets. Who’s decision was that really? Managerial? Executive(s)? Both? Whoever it was, it didn’t seem to bode well for run production. How about trying to buy out and get Gabe Kapler back from the Giants. He was in the Dodger house before the Giants. That would be a manager worth looking at. Has proven his ability and seems to possess sound judgement. Probably not available though. The Giants would be crazy to let him go. The Dodgers had their chance.

    1. Ron, Kapler and Doc were the two finalists when the Dodgers decided to go with Doc. I think they are happy with their choice.

      1. D4, I see your still frothing at Drrrrrrrrrrrr and his implosion once again. Let me tell allof you something. Drrrrrrrrrr is going to play this last season out. He will implode once again and the Dodgers will miss the playoff’s. The farm system is avg at best, they don’t have anyone that can just step in and take spots at a MLB level. Seager, Kersh and Kenley will be gone. Drrrrrrr will stumble once again when the pressure mounts because that’s what he does. The ONLY hope would be for a strike and shortened season with a DH. The Dodgers refuse to play situational baseball, Drrrrrrrr refuses to use common sense and will panick and burn up the pitching. The Padres must have been reading my posts and hired BoB Melvin so now Drrrrr will have 2 managers that will school him in tight games. We are watching the implosion of this team that should have been a dynasty, but simply was a 2nd coming of the Atlanta Braves 90’s team. One championship with all those division titles . So players are now seeing Drrrrrrrr will never win another one, and they are going to greener pastures and who can blame them. The Pads and vagiants now have everything they need and the Dodgers failure to get rid of Drrrrrrrr is the slow deterioration of this team. Too bad also, great players were burned up with the Drrrrrrr/friedman experiment of Metric Moneyball era…..Oh Well, GO RAMS!!!

        1. Kirk, only time will tell if you are right or not. Only thing I can say is WSS. I wrote a comment as a reply to you asking for a more disciplined manager as an alternative view.

          I respect your opinion as someone with a history in the game as you have stated. I look forward to more discussions on various subjects. Respectfully submitted df4l

    2. Ron, and Now the Padres picked up Bob Melvin so that’s 2 managers that will school Drrrrrr. We’re watching the implosion of a ‘Should have been Dynasty”……

  29. Those calling for Dave Roberts head can’t be baseball fans and certainly not Dodger fans. The man cannot pitch in key situations and he cannot swing the bat with runners in scoring positions. We did not have the full services of Turner, Muncy, Bellinger, Kershaw, May, Bauer and we won 106 games. He has the highest winning percentage of any manager in the majors. What do you expect the man to do? He is only human.

  30. Arthur good points, good pitching ( Kershaw, Bauer) were not replaced. Yea Max S won a lot of games he’s a burnout aging pitcher. Roberts gets a pass from me for next season. However the pitching coach does not. Players get hurt on the field often, but to lose that many pitchers with arm issues down the stretch is unacceptable.
    Who the Dodgers keep , cut and acquire this off-season determines Roberts baseball fate.

  31. I really don’t understand it…get rid of this guy! anyone could have done what roberts did with line up…ANYONE! roberts is a bench coach at best. get a real manager and let the boys play.

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