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Dodgers Showed Life in More Ways Than One on Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon was everything that Dodgers fans needed. After a few weeks of injuries and disappointment, the guys came out and slugged their way to a huge victory. Julio Urias got it done on the mound and Mike Kickham ate up the last 2 innings to avoid more bullpen use. 

But the biggest difference with the Dodgers wasn’t performance. It wasn’t even the fact that they finally broke out and hung up 16 runs on the Brewers. Instead, it was the fact that the team just had an entirely different feeling altogether. 

Players in the dugout had energy, every at-bat felt like it had life to it, and the team felt like a real MLB team for the first time in weeks. Matt Beaty talked about how different things felt after the game on Sunday. Beaty can be pretty happy since he’s now collected 6 hits in his last 2 games. 

Oh, yeah, that was a lot of fun. That’s the at-bats that we’re used to taking — really good at-bats, hitting the ball hard, getting guys on base, moving guys over. That was what we’re used to today so that was a lot of fun.

Even the normally stoic AJ Pollock seemed like he found some life. After hitting his grand slam i the first inning, Pollock broke out yelling around the bases and pounding his helmet. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts noticed it, and he loved it.

He’s not a crazy emotional guy. You don’t always want to kind of sit back and wait for that big hit but that was a big hit and broke it open. So I think that the dugout felt it. His teammates felt it and certainly he did.

Any time a team can tally 16 runs on 18 hits there’s a reason to be excited. But even when they were leading in games in recent weeks, the Dodgers just felt flat. The energy hasn’t felt like it’s been up for any period of time. That was even true back at home with fans in the stands. 

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The Dodgers head into a 3-game series with the Cubs on Monday in Chicago. The Cubbies have lost 7 of their last 9, but their bats often come alive through stretches. They also just gone done hanging up 12 runs on the Reds in a loss Sunday. 

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  1. Remember the old saying, “Momentum only lasts to the next day’s starting pitcher.”
    Or something like that anyway.

  2. They beat the heck out of some poor kid making his major league debut. Let’s wait a week or so to see if they have really turned a corner, okay?

    1. No kidding. And if for whatever reason Roberts didn’t have Pollock or Beaty in the starting lineup , Dodgers would have lost the game because it was Pollock and Beaty that drove in 15 of those 16 runs.

  3. C’mon Dodger fans don’t be so pessimistic. Just feeling good once in a while regardless of the competition is good for the soul. You look at the rest of the MLB they’re all struggling in their own way. The game is tough enough ,so getting any kind of win is welcome. Let’s give the team some positive energy and see we can come out of this rut and start a new run.

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