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Dodgers Shutout Braves Behind Another Monster Hyun-Jin Ryu Performance

The Los Angeles Dodgers continued their dominance at home – improving to 14-4 in the 2019 season. Indeed, Hyun-Jin Ryu continued his dominance in what we should be calling ‘The House that Ryuth Built’ when he takes the mound. In the end, the score was 9-0 Dodgers. Whether you watched at the park or on your television at home, this was an enjoyable one that was never really in doubt.

The Offense

Now, I feel badly. Justin Turner capped one of those rare nights in a career when a player homers 3 times. In the bottom of the 8th inning, Turner homered off his third different pitcher.

In all, Turner finished with 4 hits and 6 runs batted in. And suddenly, the Dodgers have another hitter over the .300 mark with Turner checking in at .302. While he started slowly, it’s safe to say that the ginger warrior is just fine.

He kicked off scoring in the first inning with a home run off Braves starter Max Fried to put Los Angeles on the board. Then, Max Muncy singled to score Cody Bellinger and Chris Taylor. Los Angeles led 3-0 in the first frame.

An inning later, Turner singled to drive in Alex Verdugo and the Dodgers stretched the lead to 4-0. It was at this time that a Verdugo liner ended the night of Max Fried early, glancing off his hand.

That just meant that Josh Tomlin became the next pitcher to surrender a home run to Turner in the fifth inning to give Los Angeles a 5-0 lead.

In the eighth inning, Kiké Hernandez hit a sacrifice fly; and Turner provided the heavy firepower with the three-run blast. It was the first 3 home run game in JT’s career.

The Pitching

On just 93 pitches, Hyrun-Jin Ryu shut out the Atlanta Braves. All night long, Ryu was masterful and in control in improving to 4-1.

Flirting with a perfect game into the sixth inning, his final line score was beautiful: 4 hits allowed, 6 strikeouts, and no walks. Furthermore, Ryu still hasn’t walked a batter at home in 2019. That folks – is remarkable. It wasn’t long ago that Ryu was on the injured list and thought to be out for a significant time period. Now – his season ERA sits at 2.03 – and he’s one of baseball’s most dominant pitchers.

Ryu’s complete game shutout was the first for a Dodger since Clayton Kershaw in 2016. Moreover, it was the first CGSO for the Dodgers with the pitcher having thrown less that 100 pitches since 2013 (also Kershaw).

Final Word

The Dodgers are now 24-14 on the season and, now with a 14-4 record, continue to earn the reputation of a team that is tough to beat in their home park. If you’re a Justin Turner fan – and how can you not be – this is a game you will remember forever. He and his starting pitcher definitely stole the show in a game where Muncy, Verdugo, and Bellinger again had multiple hits.

On Wednesday, it’s Clayton Kershaw Day in Los Angeles. This doesn’t give Atlanta much of a breather as they look to exorcise their demons in a ballpark that they haven’t played particularly well at for the past few years.

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  1. Hyun-Jin’s performance was simply Un-Ryu!!!!! Outstanding. Almost as incredible were the people eating 5 Dodger Dogs each.

      1. you have to try………[email protected] a dollar a pop it’s the best bargain of the year………professional stadium food/beverage prices are a brutal consumer rip-off, they suck!

    1. I agree, Mike. Ryu’s performance was absolutely stellar! He was lights out and pitched the ENTIRE game. What an anomaly. I also loved the team support Ryu got, especially from Taylor and Turner. Impressive catches by Bellinger and Muncy too. EVERYBODY did what he needed to do to get us ahead and protect. Great game!

  2. You cannot get much better than Ryu was last night. A complete game when Dave Roberts is your manager just does not happen.

  3. JT just keeps getting hotter and hotter…………the second home run he hit last (solo shot) nite his swing was PURRFECT!

  4. The “catch”……..the one Bellinger made in right in the late innings to preserve the shutout………I played in the outfield and can tell you, not many people make that catch! You are running full speed and then you have to reach across your body AND lean into the turf to position your glove with no other way to block the ball…… wig out (hesitation), you have to commit to the catch……blow it you are handing the guy a triple and u r the goat……That play was BEAUTIFUL!

    1. I just hoping Bellinger would Not hurt his shoulder when he rolled to the ground, like bluz1st stated running full speed. IMO, I wished the Dodgers decision-makers would stop switching Bellinger’s position back-and-forth, 1B to OF. I know they stated he would be OF with Pollock on the IL. What about where are they going to play Verdugo?

  5. Lost in the box score………….the Atlanta announcers……….Joe Simpson and Drew Carey……..Charlie Culberson was used as a pinch hitter… guys remember Charlie right?….this made Honeycutt come out of the dugout to talk 2 Ryu and the boys……….now if you watch the Dodgers you know Honey is coming out to talk about how he thinks you get the guy out and wants to give advice, plus our guys all know Charlie……….Simpson and Carey immediately start speculating that Ryu is injured, they jump to the conclusion that he may have to leave the game and they cite the play where Ryu had to sprint to first to cover the bag as a possible cause. But what was funny to me, they WANTED him to be hurt, because they wanted him to leave the game. They did not say it……….but I could hear it anyway.

  6. I just want Ryu to build on this 9-innings pitched, a complete game(a rarity now-a-days) in his next start. I hope the Dodgers don’t place Ryu on the 10-day IL, you know the Dodgers manipulating that joke of a missing one start after pitching a gem of a game.

  7. HJR’s effort last evening was stellar!!!! And, we really needed it!!!!!! Gave the BP some relief of its own!!!! If Ryu can continue on this pace, we will be offering him some good money during the off season. What can I say about Big Red? He is a real player, giving 123%, a true team leader. And, he loathes the month of April. His third home run is still in orbit!!!! Go Blue!!!

    1. BLUE LOU! And yes PD JR. is still chirping about that HR, LOL Ryu pitched a gem of course and a complete game and honestly I never would have thought Roberts would ever allow any starter to do so again. Also of note is Turner’s 3 HR game, a great performance from a RHB which is good.

  8. Azul, your point about Roberts and his “tolerance” for allowing his pitchers to go beyond 7 innings is priceless!!!! Right on point!!!! Big Red also excelled last night…………………right in the nick of time. Go Blue!!!!!

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