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Dodgers Sign 17-Year-Old Pitchers Francisco Lucumi and Yhonkervix Castillo

In addition to the signing of Mexican left-hander Luis Valdez, the Dodgers have recently announced the signings of Colombian right-hander Francisco Lucumi and Dominican left-hander Yhonkervix Castillo to minor-league contracts. Lucumi and Castillo are both seventeen years old.

Francisco Lucumi

Lucumi is a 17-year-old right-handed pitcher who hails from Cali, Colombia. He has a fairly imposing frame for his age, checking in at six-foot-two and 170 pounds. His frame is very projectable and because of his age, has a ton of time to fill it out.

Interestingly enough, it was reported that Lucumi has signed a deal for around $300,000 with the San Diego Padres in 2018, but it appears that is not so.

Lucumi was listed on the Dodgers’ transactions sheet on November 6 and has no prior signing history — this makes the previous report false. However, it does appear that Lucumi put pen to paper with San Diego, which makes things interesting. The exact circumstances are unknown, but they are in fact the same player, listed as Francisco Javier Lucumi:

Here is a picture of Lucumi on the right:

Yhonkervix Castillo

There is truly no information on Castillo outside of his body measurements and his background.

Castillo checks in at six-foot-one and 160 pounds and hails from San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. However, due to the limited information, we are unsure of whether or not Castillo moved to Venezuela.

Yhonkervix Castillo played Venezuelan ball with the Brito Baseball Academy in the Quisqueya Academy League, logging six innings in 2018.

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  1. I want Castillo to make it to the majors, just so we can hear announcers try to pronounce that first name. Looks like a bad hand of scrabble letters.

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