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Dodgers Sign 3 More Pitchers to Add to Their Bullpen Mix

The Dodgers were busy adding arms on minor league contracts this week. After it was announced that they had re-signed one-time setup man Brandon Morrow, the team later added in a few more depth options out of the bullpen. 

The most high profile of which was former Dodger draftee Brock Stewart, who they added on a minor league deal after spending a season away from LA. They also re-signed Jimmy Nelson to a deal despite him not making an appearance during the 2020 season and getting cut loose.

They wrapped the day up by inking left-hander James Pazos to a minor league deal of his own. 

Brock Stewart

Adding Stewart in is obviously a reunion for the Dodgers. Stewart was claimed off of waivers by the Toronto Blue Jays back in July 2019 before being taken by the Cubs in the Rule 5 Draft. Brock was cut loose by the Cubs in May of 2020 before he got the chance to pitch. 

In his time with the Dodgers, Stewart made 36 appearances and pitched to a combined 5.46 ERA. 

Jimmy Nelson

Nelson was signed by the Dodgers last offseason to a one year deal with an option year included. Unfortunately, Nelson had to undergo back surgery that put him on the shelf for the entire season. Los Angeles declined Nelson’s option year that would have paid him $2 million had the team picked it up. 

James Pazos

Pazos was a 2012 draft pick by the Yankees that has bounced around the league for the last few seasons. His most recent big-league stint lasted just the month of August with the Rockies. Pazos has thrown a combined 15.2 innings over the last two seasons, allowing 12 earned runs on the process. At his best, Pazos was a groundball and strikeout machine with the Mariners in 2017 and 2018. 

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  1. Friedman is the champion of low risk possible high reward signings. He hit with Trinen and McGee last year. This year he re-signed Alexander. Signed Knebel, Morrow, Stewart, Nelson, and Pazos. Plus the Dodgers have a surplus of rotation arms especially if Price decides to play next year. Some of that talent like a Gonsolin or May will end up in the bullpen.
    Gray will possibly be brought up and White and Santana are also possibilities.
    Now let’s see if the Dodgers decide to re-sign Treinen or possibly Hand or Hendricks.
    I am hoping they re-sign Turner and extend Seager that’s what’s on my Christmas list.

    1. I see no chance in resigning Treinen unless he’d take a couple million pay cut and that’s not happening.
      Hand or Yates? I haven’t the slightest.

  2. I think the Dodger FO understands better than most how volatile bullpens are. They use a simple time tested technique. It’s called throwing crap against the wall and seeing what sticks! And Friedman’s pretty darn good at it. No complaints from me.

  3. Kinda sounds like NFL-style training camp arms. Allows everyone to build up slowly, then a lot get cut or re-assigned later…

    1. Very glad when Friedman got Knebel. Even happier to see him get Morrow. But Stewart, Nelson, and whoever that third guy was. I think I can contain my excitement. But I’m not going to criticize Friedman. We won a WS last year. And he put that team together. Still sounds like three bargain basement professional minor leaguers to me.

      1. Of course that’s what they are! At least Stewart and Pazos. But Nelson is in the same category with Knebel and Morrow. After his problems last year, it’s easy to forget that he was the Brewers ace up through 2017.

    1. The last time they signed a “proven” uninjured relief pitcher was Joe Kelly. Do you want to do that again?

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