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Dodgers Sign Left-Hander Reymin Guduan to Minor League Deal

The Dodgers made a minor league signing on Friday in left-handed reliever Reymind Guduan, according to Guduan’s personal Instagram account.

Guadan was formerly with the Houston Astros and was suspended for the second half of the 2019 season after a rather serious altercation with a teammate which led to him being designated for assignment in September.

Guduan has only thrown 24 2/3 career innings at the major league level — all with Houston — and has not fared well. He holds a so-so 21.5 percent strikeout rate, but an awful 13.5 percent walk rate, albeit in a small sample size.

Most recently, Guduan made seven appearances for the Astros in 2019, being worth -0.3 WAR and allowing seven earned runs over 5 1/3 innings. Despite the poor performance numbers, the Dodgers must have seen something they liked in the southpaw. At the end of the day, it is just a minor league deal. There is a strong chance he never throws a pitch for the big club due to the roster shuffling the Dodgers are prone to, but there is a chance for him.

Going from one progressive organization in the Houston Astros to another in the Dodgers demonstrates some intrigue. The Dodgers simply don’t sign random relievers without something being intriguing within their profile and the Astros don’t either.

A major factor in Guduan’s future might be with his attitude. The altercation supposedly included Guduan pulling a knife on a teammate, which is obviously not behavior that is welcome in the Dodgers clubhouse.

This is second minor signing in as many days for Los Angeles after they picked up Casey Crosby — another lefty — on Thursday.

Daniel Preciado

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  1. Are they going to install a metal detector on the clubhouse? If this wasn’t the Dodgers I would have thought this was an article from The Onion.

    1. You gotta give credit to the Astros. They hypnotize opposing teams into trading away talent like Verlander, Greinke, and AL rookie of the year Yordan Alvarez (from the Dodgers), while giving up little in return. They steal signs in New England Patriotesque fashion without consequences. And now they are infiltrating hitmen into opposing organizations. This front office would be right at home running the CIA.

  2. Everyone but Betances and Cole right? Boycott this team please everybody I implore you. Let’s make their big renovation year a huge flop annually stealing our money

  3. Great signing Friedman!! Headline!!!! Dodgers show interest in Fernando Valenzuela coming out of retirement… Dodgers linked to Tony Nohittamore, 7th grade prospect from the Little league world series team……

  4. The guy has miserable stats AND he has an attitude AND he pulled a knife on a team mate?? Sounds like a Puig without any skills. This might be the mother of all of Friedman’s dumpster diving attempts. After what could be another disappointing off-season, filled with expectation, it might be a blessing that I am blacked-out from watching them on TV.

    1. Those that have been blacked out haven’t missed anything. Life’s too short to waste 3-4 hours a day on this team that doesn’t care about winning it all. I gave in a couple years ago and got an inferior cable service thinking I was going to miss out on a championship season if I didn’t turns out I missed nothing. If they don’t do anything this winter to put us over the top for OCTOBER not April-September, im cancelling this service. The Dodgers aren’t worth the sacrifice

      1. I’m with you brother. MLB costs 185 bucks, Dodger stadium at least 300 to take someone with you.Usually go 3-4 times a year. This winter meeting will determine my financial interests in this team. Last year I watched them do nothing, and listened to Kasten say he felt very confident with the team to win the World series! I understand that no one can read the future, but when your team let’s their only catcher that can hit walk to the Brewers, and the only big move you make is downloading 2 of the guys that performed for you the previous season and post season because of yet More salary dumps, then doesn’t add anything to replace that talent, then expects 3 to 4 rookies to replace their value, it’s extremely hard to believe Kasten felt confident in winning the World series. We all knew trouble was on the horizon and we’re not wrong…I have 0 trust in Friedman and Kasten to spend OUR money that WE pay for them to give us lip service.

  5. I think 1 sentence would have adequately covered this, what is so far the major move of the off season by the dodgers. No wait. 6 words would have done it.

  6. Another major move forward in rehabbing our BP. Sometimes, I just cannot believe these signings. Go Blue!!!

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