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Dodgers Sign Third Round Pick Jake Vogel To a Big Deal

The Dodgers have had pretty good luck in signing on their draft picks lately, adding four over the last few weeks. They added to that number today by making the Jake Vogel signing official. 

Vogel is high school outfielder out of Huntington Beach with ridiculous speed. The Dodgers were able to steal him away from a possible UCLA commitment by offering him $1,622,500 for a spot valued at just $581,600. Many were not sure that the fifth-round pick would choose to sign and believed he would opt for college ball. 

Aside from having terrific speed, Vogel also possesses a great arm for his age, as well as the ability to make a lot of contact. The combination of those things should make him a valuable asset to the Dodgers’ future.

Overall, this makes five successful signings out of six of the Dodgers draft picks. Only Clayton Beeter remains, having yet to sign a deal after being drafted with the 66th pick. 

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  1. This has nothing to do with the article, but Dodgers Nation, for the love of God, can you please stop the automatic video of Justin Turner talking about Betts’ leadership? C’mon, it’s been on there since March!

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