Dodgers: Six Years Ago Today, Clayton Kershaw Made Baseball History

Maybe you were one of the lucky few that got the opportunity to watch the Dodgers take on the Rockies six years ago today. If you were, congrats to you on seeing something that the average baseball fan almost never gets a chance to see live. 

Clayton Kershaw was absolutely dealing during his 2014 campaign. Up until that game against the Rockies though, he was having a pretty average season. The no-hitter he pitched that day would carry him through the rest of the season, pitching to a pristine 1.77 ERA and taking home the Cy Young Award, as well as the MVP. The Dodgers would dominate the NL West, but fall to the Cardinals in the Division Series. 

But that June night will never be forgotten in baseball history. Kershaw struck out 15 Rockies hitters and only allowed one baserunner. Hanely Ramirez threw one away on an easy groundball in the seventh inning, costing Kershaw a perfect game. But the Dodgers’ defense had his back for the majority of the game, with Miguel Rojas making an incredible play at third base in the seventh to rob Troy Tulowitzki of a base hit. 

Kershaw’s no-hitter would come just 24 days after teammate Josh Beckett threw a no-hitter of his own, making it the shortest span between no-hitters by a team since 1938. It was the Dodgers’ 25th no-hitter in franchise history and the only one of Kershaw’s storied career. 

Were you one of the lucky few who were able to be there live that night? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to highlight your experience of that historic night at Dodger Stadium

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