Dodgers: Social Media Roundup of 7th Straight NL West Title

With their seventh consecutive NL West title, the Dodgers have added to the third-longest postseason appearance streak in MLB history. Given the overall goal of winning a championship at least, it may not seem like much. But no celebration should be taken for granted, and especially after barely winning the division last year, this early clinch is especially gratifying. 

First, the best moment of the night: a video chat to make sure the injured Max Muncy and Alex Verdugo were present. They did so much to carry the 2019 team, and deserved to be there: 

Gavin Lux picked the perfect time to have his first career MLB homer: 

The 2019 Dodgers were all about rookie power, and Dodger Insider had an especially great shot of them during the clubhouse celebration:

Dustin May in particular got a lot of it: 

ESPN, meanwhile, made for less adept coverage: 

Casey Sadler enjoyed an especially tender moment with Tommy Lasorda:

Of course, there was the requisite team photo:

Alanna Rizzo made sure to come prepared:

MLB had some great up-close videos of the celebration:

CBS Los Angeles had various player reactions:

What was your favorite moment from the evening?

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