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Dodgers: Sports Illustrated Says Clayton Kershaw Will Dominate October

Recently – Clayton Kershaw’s October performances have been discussed in great detail – both here and elsewhere. While every Dodgers follower or baseball fan realizes that his career has been a shade darker in that tenth month on the calendar, time remains on the clock to change his legacy.

The Dodgers clinched another division title this week. Because of this, Clayton Kershaw will start postseason games once again. Now, the question unanswered is will the consistent narrative be changed?

Interestingly, one writer at Sports Illustrated believes so. To be exact, Matt Martell writes in a snippet discussing MLB’s biggest playoff storylines that Kershaw is going to dominate. Indeed, that was the word he used; and if that excites you then read onward.

However, before we get to Martell’s bold prediction; two numbers have to be brought up. First, Kershaw’s career postseason ERA stands at 4.32. Obviously, that’s higher than his 2.44 regular season ERA by a large margin. By comparison, his World Series ERA climbs even higher to 5.40 over the course of his career.

Still, that does not concern Martell. Here is what he has to say about Kershaw and October of 2019 being turning point.

“I’m ready for Clayton Kershaw to completely silence the narrative that he can’t pitch in the playoffs. Sometimes players get postseason reputations far too early in their careers and they stick with them (Hello, Big Game James Shields). Kershaw is going to dominate this October, even if the Dodgers don’t win it all.”

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By and large, Kershaw taking over for several postseason starts to reclaim the dominance we are accustomed to would feel wonderful. Truly, that in itself would feel like a miniature title victory more than I think many of us realize.

At 31 years of age, time is becoming shorter for Kershaw and the rest of his teammates to write their legacy. For the one thing that none of us can buy is more time or seasons back on the clock. Finally, in about a month we will see if this writer’s vision comes to fruition.

What are your expectations of Clayton Kershaw’s upcoming October? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I am more worried about Kenley Jansen blowing saves and causing huge problems for the starters. I am a huge fan but the pen looks scary with no real closer.

  2. Kershaw is not aging well IMO. Look at Verlander, Greinke and Price. Price and Verlander didn’t lose velocity as drastically as Clayton. I see Tommy John surgery in the near future for Kershaw. Then, maybe he would be able to regain his lost velocity. Buehler is the ace, with Ryu number 2. Clayton currently pitches like a number 3 starter. Buehler needs to be the game 1 starter in the World Series.

    1. Clayton Kershaw is actually not pitching like a number three starter. He is pitching like the DODGERS’ number three starter. His stat line this year is better than most number 1 starters. I would have Kershaw pitching game 2, as Ryu seems unreliable of late.

  3. Well, one thing is for sure. Clayton IS aging well. He has been healthy all year. Even with his last 2 starts, he is STILL top ten in MANY NL categories. No one noticed he was first in WHIP for a tick. And first in WP. This guy has quietly had a good year! And once again, he was victimized by the bullpen in his last start. Left with 1 out and based loaded. All 3 runs let in. So, commenters, stand behind this guy! He is a real fighter. And, Clint, I agree with the article. Clayton is primed for a big October. Let’s get behind him to shut every batter down and shut everybody up.

  4. Wayne, CK could very well have a great PS, no question. But with this current BP and the offense that struggles against the better pitching, especially LHP during the PS, is probably a bigger reason why Dodgers may fall short again.

  5. Based on CK’s post season games, I would be happy if he just kept us in the game, and did not give up home runs in the early innings. The only blemish on Kersh’s superb career seems to repeat itself each October. A stellar effort from CK, and we have a real chance to get the championship. But, if he is unsteady, and Buehler’s performance fluctuates, and if Ryu tires, we are in trouble!!!! Go Blue!!!!

  6. In past playoff years CK has tried to throw his declining fastball by hitters without success. Unless you’re watching the games you may not realize that this year he is nibbling at the corners with it or using it to set up another pitch which has given him better results this year in the regular season. I believe if he maintains that approach he will continue to have success this post season.

  7. I can only hope they’re right. Kershaw appears to be on the way to being a Greg Maddux-type pitcher but with a better fastball. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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