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Dodgers Spring Training: Scorpion Invasion Reaches Clubhouse


When heading out to Spring Training one can expect to find excitement in the air over baseball being played again, warm temperatures and in the case of Camelback Ranch, scorpions.

Beginning last week with this tweet from ESPN’s Doug Padilla was news that scorpions were aplenty on the Camelback Ranch grounds, at least on the Chicago White Sox side of the complex:

However, three days later, Ken Gurnick of reported Los Angeles Dodgers public relations official Jon Chapper had a run-in with a scorpion:

Though not confirmed, Gurnick’s tweet suggested the scorpions migrated over to the Dodgers’ side after Padilla initially shared news of the invasion. After a two-day hiatus on scorpion-watch, Gurnick shared news of Yasmani Grandal catching one, which he apparently is familiar with doing, in the Dodgers’ clubhouse:

Officials at Camelback Ranch released a statement after Chapper was stung, saying proper measures were taken to avoid this unfortunate situation and they were looking forward the first game of spring, scheduled for March 6.


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