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Dodgers: Spring Training Games Suspended by MLB

The rumors reported earlier about baseball canceling Spring Training have been confirmed. The Dodgers will suspend all operations as Major League Baseball officially made the decision to call off games out of concerns for the coronavirus. 

Where we go from here is fairly uncertain. The Dodgers could continue to hold workouts, either in Arizona or back home in Los Angeles. Those workouts would be limited to players and coaching personnel only though, as fans will not be able to attend.

While there has not yet been an official announcement by Major League Baseball, several outlets are already calling the end of Spring Training, including The LA Times. The Dodgers have also yet to make an official announcement, and Manager Dave Roberts declined to comment to reporters. 

Opening Day is still very much in question at the moment, as the league has less than two weeks now to reach an official decision. 

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  1. No surprise. Can only hope that the virus will stop spreading and that those who are infected will have a full recovery soon. Sporting events are unimportant in everyday life.

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