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Dodgers Spring Training: Julio Urias, Three Others Reassigned

Vincent Samperio-Dodgers Nation
Vincent Samperio-Dodgers Nation

While the Los Angeles Dodgers are well into Spring Training, Minor League camp didn’t open in full until Saturday. In the days leading up to Minor Leaguers officially beginning their Spring Training, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly indicated roster moves were on the horizon.

The Dodgers made that official Saturday with the announcement Chris Anderson, Ryan Butcher, Josh Ravin and Julio Urias were reassigned to Minor League camp. Urias’ first experience in big league camp provided the young left-hander with valuable experience, but it wasn’t without hiccups.

In a combined two relief appearances, Urias allowed one run on three hits and issued three walks — with all three coming in his first appearance. Urias managed to pitch just 0.1 of an inning against the Chicago Cubs before being removed from the game due to pitch count.

Despite some of the troubles Urias ran into, he viewed them as a lesson learned and seemed comfortable with his body of work.

As one of the non-roster invitees, Ravin impressed in the opportunities he was given. Over three relief appearances (2.2 innings pitched), he retired all eight batters faced and recorded four strikeouts. Butcher also appeared in three games (three innings), had three strikeouts and gave up a solo home run.

Anderson appeared in two games, hit a batter and allowed one run in three innings. Getting pitchers over to the Minor League side of camp should allow for those still with the Dodgers to see more innings, which Mattingly indicated was becoming an issue.


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    1. Bear yes thankfully this Front Office is not going to rush the youngster. He needs a couple of years in the Minors I believe or at least he needs to go to AA and AAA first. I have been presently surprised by Barnes, Hernandez, Sweeney, Jansen and Dickson how about you? I am very curious to see if they make a trade or two at the break of Spring Camp how about you? I will be surprised if they stand pat they need to move some people.

      1. Hernandez has not shown a whole lot with the bat, and I doubt he makes the grade out of spring. Barnes needs time at AAA and he is blocked by Ellis, Grandal. Sweeney and Dickson are both good prospects and they are having great springs, but they will go back to the minors. Jansen is one of those guys that makes you wish you had another bench spot. But he is ins, so he will go to AAA. They might deal from strength if someone needs an OF, or maybe even League, but they have to be cautious because of the arm issues League has had this week, and Peralta has not pitched much. I have seen the Dodgers make very few trades out of spring, and when they have it is usually to move a veteran player to another team. They have depth, and right now that is a great thing. But there are still 2 weeks of ST left, so making decisions now does not make sense. On the other hand, Grandal is hitting about what I think he will in the season…..230….Ellis is hitting about that too. It means nothing, but I just do not think Grandal is all that with a bat anyway. He will give them some power, but he has not shown great defensive skills to me anyway.

      2. They really need to move Ethier, but I do not see that happening until maybe the deadline. The BP has so many candidates it is hard to sort it out. McGowan has not been sharp, I have not seen Aardsma, nor Baez. Huff has looked good, Paco is working on his control. 2 of the guys they sent to the minors pitched pretty good in their appearances. but you have Santos, Adams, Hatcher, Peralta, Coulumbe, Howell, Garcia, and anyone I have missed trying to fill maybe 2 spots. Nicasio has pitched about the way I thought he would…..lousy……..Anderson has been a pleasant surprise. McCarthy has been ok, not great, and the rest of the starters have looked good. Lee even pitched well……my prediction is that Guererro breaks camp as one of the inf, Barney goes to AAA, they DFA Arruebarrena and try to trade him. SVS, Ethier and Turner are the other bench guys along with whoever does not start at C. Heisey will go to AAA with Jensen, Schebler, and Lee. Sweeney and Dickson go to AA Tulsa. With Sweeney a mid season switch to AAA.

        1. Completely agree with your personnel moves. I have seen Baez and his last outing was very good. The man throws flames and was OK with control. I think Hatcher stays and Coulumbe has impressed enough to be an early call up. Great News is we have some real possibilities in the next couple of years. I think if Ellis continues to hit 230 they do not re-sign him no matter what Kershaw says Grandal is safe as how foolish would they look when Kemp is burning up the league in SD while they have a Catcher that can only frame the pitches he manages to catch. And hits 230 and leads the teams in grounding into DP’s. They have to trade Ethier as otherwise Heisey goes to OK. Mattingly talked about Hernandez he said they believe he can hit and is very impressive as a utility guy so I figure he is a next year guy or trade bait.

      3. Another bold prediction……Urias gets a few innings in the bigs in Sept if they have the division locked up…..and he is full time big leaguer by July 2016…..

  1. Anderson very impressive, wicked stuff. Nice moving fastball and great curve and change he is really nasty. The guy on Dodger talk said he batted against him in Oakland and he was very tough. Plus another Lefty… Love it

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