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Dodgers Spring Training: Kershaw Unhappy With ‘Misfires’ In Second Start

In a break from what’s been tradition during Spring Training, Clayton Kershaw dominated the Chicago White Sox in his first start of the year — needing just 12 pitches to throw two perfect innings; he then threw more pitches in the bullpen before retiring to the clubhouse for the day.

After the win, Kershaw generally seemed content with his outing. He was back on the mound Tuesday, this time facing the Colorado Rockies. Kershaw threw 46 pitches over three innings and allowed one earned run on a towering solo home run to Nick Hundley in the third inning.

The Los Angeles Dodgers ace once more threw in the bullpen before heading to the clubhouse and in his post game interview session, appeared agitated with his day of work. “I felt all right. Not as quite as good as the first time, I had a few more misfires than the last start,” Kershaw said when asked to about Tuesday’s outing.

As for why he did additional work in the bullpen, Kershaw said it was to address missing location with pitches and to work on growing accustomed to pitching a fourth inning. Despite not being completely satisfied with his start, which is rare for the perfectionist, not all was lost for Kershaw.

“Overall, I got done what I needed to get done,” he said. Assuming Kershaw makes a full complement of Spring Training starts, he’ll have either three or four more starts to reach his standards prior to taking the mound Opening Day at Dodger Stadium against the San Diego Padres and Matt Kemp.

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