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Dodgers Spring Training: Uribe’s Future Beyond 2015 Unknown

Juan Uribe

Despite all of the offseason changes made by the Los Angeles Dodgers, one thing that remained the same in the third base position.

Juan Uribe has been with the Dodgers since 2011, but it wasn’t until the middle of the 2013 season that he found his home in LA and took over the everyday third base job. A superb 2013 postseason earned him a two-year, $13 million deal to stay with the team.

The 35-year-old is now headed into the final year of his contract, and according to David Vassegh of AM 570, he is unclear of what he wants to do after this season:

The Dominican Republic native is coming off perhaps the best season of his career in 2014, when he batted a career-high .311 in 404 plate appearances. He was also outstanding defensively, making just six errors in 221 attempts good for a .979 fielding percentage.

Despite his stellar 2014 season, the 14-year veteran may be beginning to slow down as he was only able to play 103 games last season due to hamstring injuries. He also did not perform well in the postseason, going 2-for-17 in the NLDS against the St. Louis Cardinals. However, in the clubhouse Uribe is viewed as one of the biggest leaders on the Dodgers, especially to the young hispanic players like Yasiel Puig. So he may be worth more to the team than what his on-field statistics show.

Uribe will be once again penciled in as the everyday third baseman going into the last year of his contract, but his future with the Dodgers and in the league will depend on his health and performance this season.


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  1. Juan was lousy the first 2 years of his contract and has been very good the last two. Let us hope he goes out with a bang. But remember, he was Colletti’s signing and I doubt the new FO wants to keep many reminders of Ned’s regime.

    1. As you said the last two years he has been very good. Has hit very well and has incredibly quick hands. Plus from comments of team mates he has helped mentor Puig and be a very positive influence in the clubhouse. He really keeps the Team loose also. The man has been on a couple of Champion Teams and you can see why he is a great influence and a very good player. But this is his last year with the Dodgers. I cannot see them bringing him back. Will they risk another Cuban for 3rd next year? Or try the FA route? It will be interesting to see how they fill his spot. I do not believe there is anyone in the minors they can convert. That is why I thought if Guererro can field that position they may try to convince him to go down to the minors and learn it. Offense is getting to be at a Premium around the league and I still say this guy will hit once he gets used to Major League Pitching.

      1. Well T, there are no options in the minors unless they move Seager to 3rd which they have said they will not do. There is the Cuban guy Hector Olivera who is 9, but considered one of the top Cuban players available. Thing is he wants a 5 year deal I think for around 65 million. He has not been cleared by MLB to sign yet. barring that, I think if they brought Juan back it would only be a year, and I am sure he would reject that. I am not sure which 3rd basemen would be free agents except 1. David Freese of the Angels. A few years ago, he would have been a nice pick up. Now, not so much. The trade market may be the best way to go without spending tons of cash. Now they do have on the roster Enrique Hernandez. He plays all the inf positions except SS. But he might be best suited as a super utility guy. They can also make Justin Turner an everyday guy at 3rd. But he to me is more valuable as a bench guy.

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