Dodgers Stand Alone in One Key Category, And It’s Not Even Close

We knew going into the 2020 season that the Los Angeles Dodgers were going to be good. That tends to happen when a team that won 106 games adds a player like Mookie Betts into the mix of things. 

What we did not expect from these Dodgers is to put up such a lopsided run differential early on in a shortened season. The pitching coming into the year was expected to be great, but even that has exceeded all expectations.

After Friday night’s win over the Rockies, the Dodgers now have a +70 run differential just 28 games into the season. The next closest team in all of baseball would be the Minnesota Twins at +34, less than half of what Los Angeles has been able to do. The Twins are in a tight race with the Indians in the AL Central that could come down to the wire.

The best part is that the Dodgers are doing it against pretty good teams too. The West is the only division in the National League featuring three teams at or above the .500 mark at the moment. You have to imagine that games coming up against teams like the Rangers, Giants, and Diamondbacks can only help that differential.

Did Vegas Get it Wrong With the Dodgers?

Most Las Vegas oddsmakers had the Dodgers at about 38 wins, give or take. To reach that total, they would have to go just 18-14 the for rest of the year. Fortunately, their current win pace could have them possibly eclipse 42 wins in a 60-game season. 

And how are they getting this done? The short answer is a combination of a lights-out bullpen and timely hitting. The Dodgers rank first in the National League with a staff ERA of 2.70 and second in all of Major League Baseball. Good things may be on the horizion.

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  1. My prediction for the season was 40-20 I will be thrilled if they won more but frankly as we all know if you can get into the playoffs your record is moot.
    The Dodgers need to keep the momentum and win in the playoffs and unfortunately the Dodger manager has so far caused one loss in each playoff due to his insane decisions with his pitching staff.
    The Dodger have the one of the two or three best teams in the league. In the playoffs you have a short series and then play teams that are at the same level. The Dodgers are not going to win with Roberts as the manager. The Dodgers cannpt give a game away against a very good team like the Yankees.
    I am enjoying the emergence of May & Gonsolin. The continued dominance of the Bullpen has been amazing. With Jansen, Kelly, Treinen, McGee and Graterol they have bullpen guys throwing nasty pitches and heat. Watched Kolarek last night and he has not given up a run yet. His pitching wind up and slow 75-80mph sinking pitches drive batters crazy after batting against 97-99 mph Buehler.

    1. Yep. All of this is nice. I was particularly glad to see Buehler turn the corner to his dominant form. He is the go to starter in the postseason. It’s all about the postseason. I do not expect Jansen to be the closer in the postseason. Even though his numbers look good, he just isn’t the shut down guy he used to be anymore. Lots of performers in this year’s bullpen means we don’t need Kershaw as a releiver, Jansen as a closer, or Kelley for anything. If the Dodgers can avoid giving games away in the postseason, they will win it all. I think this Dave Roberts last chance to save his job. Any bonehead moves that cost the Dodgers a world series championship, and he’s gone. The Dodgers are the best team in baseball. They need to seal the deal with a championship. They need to stop knocking on the door, and just knock the door down. This is where Mookie’s competitive attitude is a real edge. His biggest contributions will be in the postseason with his winning attitude.

  2. They actually need to hit a slump pretty soon so they can be clicking again at the right time.

  3. I agree about Roberts stupid pitching decisions. I personally am not high on Kiki. Although Barnes is playing well at bat, I would prefer Smith as the every day catcher. Give Barnes credit for taking Mookies batting advice.

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