Dodgers Starting Pitching Looking Scary Good As Playoffs Draw Closer

As news of a Dodger winner pitcher of the month for the second consecutive month broke, the emotions inside of me said it all.


It’s honestly sad how immune I’ve become to excitement with these awards, having seen Dodgers win in three consecutive months now (Puig was rookie and player of the month in June, Kershaw was pitcher of the month in July and today Greinke was named pitcher of the month for August).

Then again, I guess that’s what winning can do to you.

But none of that is the point here — the point is simple: the Dodger pitching has been really good.

Like, historically good.

Eric Stephen of True Blue LA sent this tweet out this morning:

The more I think about that stat, the more my head wants to explode.

Score three runs, win the game.

Every time.

36 straight times.


While I’ve talked at length on here about how good the bullpen has been, and even how good Clayton Kershaw has been — it’s the other starters who seem to have been overlooked.

And it’s not that they’ve just been good — they’ve been great.

Let’s start with Greinke, August’s pitcher of the month — an award he won with a 5-0 record, a 1.23 ERA and a 0.98 WHIP in five starts.

That month wasn’t just a flash in the pan, though.

Since July 3, Greinke has started 11 games for the Dodgers, and in those starts, he has failed to pitch less than 7 innings just three times — with his shortest start being a six inning, 98 pitch, one earned run performance.

Over that stretch, Greinke’s ERA is just 1.47 — having allowed more than two runs just once — with a WHIP of 0.87.

Oh, and the Dodgers are 10-1 in those starts (Greinke is 8-1).

Okay, so we knew Greinke was great — but what about the guys behind him?

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