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Dodgers: Teammates Prank Gavin Lux a Day After Run in with Outfield Wall

Life moves pretty fast sometimes… less than a day after Gavin Lux exited the game following a hard collision with the outfield wall, his Dodgers teammates showed him some love at the scene of the incident. Now, it was one of the first things I (too hastily) thought of and hoped for after Gavin got up and walked off the field under his own power. There better be a tape outline tomorrow.

The Dodgers did not disappoint.

Thankfully Lux woke up today sore but unbroken after a play where he ran pretty near full speed into the wall. Here’s a look, in case you missed it.

Of course, plenty has been written about him playing a new position and these are the sorts of trials you get with that. It could have been much worse but now it’s a learning experience and an opportunity to laugh for a team that’s already riding high coming off an improbable come from behind win over the Padres on Wednesday night.

Still no word on how the wall is recovering from the incident.

Dodgers Players Hilariously Pay Their Respects to Gavin Lux Wall Crash Site Tape Outline, Breakdown


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Clint Pasillas

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    1. Hey there, you’re still alive and so are the Dodgers but I get the feeling that Padres hate the Dodgers so much that they willingly will role over for tha Giants in those last 3 games. I’m sure they will be happy to help Giants win division just to keep Dodgers from it and force them into that WC game.

  1. Scary for Gavin. unbelievable he’s learning a new position in a pennant race. Very cool his teammates having fun kidding around. That offsets pressure of a pennant race, so everyone can be focused and locked in. Gavin – keep on hitting!!

  2. Just proves the point that the more you win early in the season, the less you have to win at the end. All of those one run losses early on have come back to haunt the Dodgers this season ?

    1. if you leave out the gnats, no the 1 run losses didn’t impact their season much. Dodgers are the #2 team in MLB this year. Gnats have been in a bubble all season, kinda like Corey’s hitting since his return from the IL.

      1. We shouldn’t be in the position we’re in expect for the terrible lack of managing from our so called leader.

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