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Dodgers: Tempers Flare in Game 2 of the NLDS

Things between the Dodgers and Padres got a little bit heated on Wednesday night. It all started with one of the best catches that you will ever see to save the lead by Cody Bellinger. Belli robbed a for sure homerun off of Fernando Tatis Jr with Brusdar Graterol on the mound. 

In his excitement, Gratreol literally threw his hat and his glove in disbelief. The Dodgers reliever went over to congratulate and started heading back to the dugout after the ridiculous game-saving play. 

Apparently, the Padres’ Manny Machado didn’t take too kindly to that. Just an inning after Machado had launched his bat to the dugout celebrating a hoemrun, he made it clear that he felt Graterol had crossed a line. The two teams started screaming at each other from their dugouts with many expletives flying as a result. The Dodgers did not seem to take too kindly to Machado being so vocal about it.

Whether Brusdar was right or wrong in his celebration, we don’t care. We love dramatic baseball! 

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  1. Seriously? Machado celebrates like mad every time he doesn’t whiff. And he certainly approached the line after his home run. And he gets mad at Graterol for celebrating a game saving catch?

    1. Graterol busted a Joe Kelly when he waved and blew a kiss to Machado. That seriously cracked me up…what a legend.

  2. Kenley “bleeping” Jansen can’t pitch anymore! Why is it so hard for the Dodgers to accept? They have other options in the pen. They burn Treinen in the 7th?

    1. Yea he’s done…Roberts needs to take him off the roster. And what’s going on with Joe Kelly and all those low pitches?? Bounced a couple pitches like 2 ft in front of home plate…

      1. Calm down folks… You sound like guys who scream “it’s raining!” when the sky is bright blue and then “told you so” when the first raindrop falls. Any way you look at it, eye test, stuff, numbers, he’s been much better this year than last year when he has it. He did have a couple bad outings when he didn’t have it, like that time against the Asterisks when he couldn’t get anyone out. How anyone can say with a straight face that he no longers belongs on the roster is beyond me. The only thing we need is for Doc to be able to recognize quickly the days when Kenley doesn’t have it, and hook him. Which he did, proving that he learned from the regular season. That’s all that matters to me.

        1. Kenleys cutter no longer has the velocity to get the better hitters out. That’s obvious. In any event no matter the game we situation is on Thursd a y we will not see Jansen in that game after it took him about 28 pitches and still could not get but 1 out.

    2. It’s not the Dodgers, it’s Roberts. Someone please kick him in the Cojones next time he considers using him as the closer

  3. Smoltz said it best you can’t have it both ways. The padres do it more than anyone they can’t talk.

  4. So glad the Dodgers did not sign Machado. He is so immature. He wants to mouth off and flip his bat but if the other team does anything he mouths off.

    I do not mind a player showing some of their emotion. Playing sports especially playing in a championship you should be emotional. I applaud Graterol! Show you are thrilled and happy. That was a Game-Changing play by Bellinger. REJOICE!

    Dodgers are up 2-0 in a best of 5. They do not have a lock here go for the throat and win it tomorrow.
    Hoping the Lakers close out the Heat and win their 17th Championship and the Dodgers close out the Padres.

    1. Correct, Don. Machado and the rest of those guys on his team better learn quickly that WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. And another thing Machado should remember is that he has no justification in saying what Graterol did was over the line because he and his teammates have been crossing that line for a while already.

  5. All I can say is that Manny Machado IS A SORE LOSER AND THE BIGGEST CRY BABY THAT BASEBALL HAS EVER SEEN!!!!! where is your professionalism as a ball player?? Machado you embarrass yourself and how PATHETIC YOU ARE!!!! AND IF YOU CANT STAND THE HEAT THEN STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!

  6. LOL Manny Machado is just jealous it was not him..he was not in the spotlight.. i have never felt bad we got rid of him… never felt he fit in or was a team player

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