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Dodgers: That Time Vin Scully Schooled Us on the History of Beards

Any Dodgers fan knows that Vin Scully could find a way to make truly any story interesting. If Vin were describing how grass grows, we would all have our eyes and ears glued to the television set wondering what would happen next. 

While we’re all doing our best to grow out our own quarantine beards(or moustaches in my case), we were reminded of that time Vin gave us all a history lesson in facial hair. Sit back, relax, and listen to Vin talk us through beards and all sorts of wonderful history.

In a game that featured Justin Turner, Bud Norris, Andrew Cashner, and a whole host of bearded men, Vin had plenty of reason to talk about beards. Just a simple reminder of what a wonderful broadcaster and storyteller he was for the Dodgers faithful for so many years. 

Vin was in the news recently after taking a fall at his home. The Dodgers’ legend made sure to let fans know that he was fine and resting comfortably after being released later in the week. 

Do you have a favorite Vin Scully story? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  1. There are too many stories to recant, but, my wife, a Giants fan, loves to hear about the The boy from Bradley-Sergio Romo. Then , the best one is most likely about Brandon Crawford, whose mom & dad had season tix for the Giants. We would hear those 2 stories every time Dodgers/Giants would play.

  2. I agree with Bob. There are far too many. I think 1 of my favorites was Game 1 of the 1988 World Series, 9th inning. Kirk Gibson’s Home Run. Each time I get a chance, I replay that Iconic VIDEO, and “Call It”, like I was in the “Press Box”, with VIN.

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