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Dodgers: The Decision to Play Today May Depend on Mookie Betts

As of now, the Dodgers and Giants are slated to play a doubleheader starting at 1 PM today. The two teams decided to sit out yesterday’s game in protest of the shooting of Jacob Blake. Speaking with media, players admitted that Mookie Betts was influential in the overall decision.

Clayton Kershaw was one of the Dodgers players that got to address media before the protested game. Kershaw pointed out that much of the decision to sit out came as a result of conversations with Mookie. And as it turns out, much of whether or not they decide to play today will once again hinge on Betts’ decision. 

We made a great statement as a team. I feel like we did the right thing for today. As far as tomorrow goes, I think that’s another conversation. We’ll figure it out. I believe if Mookie plans on playing, we’re going to play. If it’s a doubleheader we’ll figure that out as well. For right now I think the plan as a team is to play one game tomorrow.

It’s probably worth noting that Kershaw answered that question before it was announced the Dodgers would be playing a doubleheader. But at this point, it’s not really a guarantee that the two sides will play at all. 

When Kershaw was asked what today might look like, he understandably wanted to keep the focus on what the team was trying to accomplish in the moment. Maybe both teams will play, but maybe they won’t. That’s something that we’re all going to have to find out together today.

The Dodgers are supposed to leave to Texas on Thursday night for a series against the Rangers that starts on Friday night. They will travel back to Los Angeles following that series. 

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  1. If they decide to sit out the doubleheader today, then just pack in the season and everyone head home.

  2. I would be in total support of this if the ‘alleged victims’ were upstanding citizens and not criminals wanted by police, resisting arrest and being armed to wreak harm on arresting officers. The support of and for the BLM and AntiFa is not bringing about any ‘Change’ but merely giving opportunity for criminals and criminal prospects to engage in destruction and harm of innocents.

    These protests and the underlying message is that every black man should be allowed to do any crime and be immune from arrest and punishment simply because they are black. The white people involved in these protests to date that have been hurt, killed and arrested are of equal criminal types as those they are allegedly rioting for, but they are simply doing what they do also, behave and take advantage of a situation to destroy and harm.
    I can not support a team or sport that supports the criminal. Change will come when the black community stops crying foul, and actually turn in their own for the actions/crimes perpetrated on them and others. Protecting criminals will only ensure more criminal behavior and entice more to do same. These protests are a lose-lose situation as two negatives will never make a positive.

  3. One game, okay. If they don’t play today they lose me as a fan and I have been with them since 1958. There has got to be an end to this madness.

    1. unfortunately I’m with you. Never thought I’d stop being a fan but I’m sick of this. Without having all the facts it appears the team is protesting a guy who was shot while resisting arrest and reaching into his car for a weapon/knife?

      1. What are you sick of? People wanting to get rid of the systemic racism that has always existed in the USA…and that all white Americans benefit from?

        1. I am the product of a broken home in the ’60s before that was OK. My family grew up on welfare and I dropped out of school in part because I had no active father in my life. The Marine Corps – where the only color was green – helped me get on my feet.
          I went to school as an adult at night, worked hard, and came through the other side. I voted twice for a black man who held the most powerful position in the world for eight years.
          Yet I’m now told that my accomplishments in life are simply benefits of privilege because I’m white. Please tell me how that differs from systemic racism?

  4. Postpone the game after postponing most of the season?? Great idea, so I just postponed my interest in baseball all together. Permanently!

  5. I was really disappointed in the Dodgers for deciding to act as stupidity as the NBA and the NFL, two sports I don’t watch anymore. Mookie Betts has had a negative influence on the team. Before making grand gestures like this, wait until all the facts are known, please. I’m tired of how rich pampered athletes are acting in this country. I have been a Dodger fan for 60 years, but no longer. I’m out. Enjoy your virtue signaling.

    1. Do you understand at all why the guys didn’t play. These men have children that will grow up and be harassed just because of their skin color. Until you can walk in the “shoes of another” can you fully understand their plight. I am a New and can feel the power these men are trying go portray. Use you brain and think beyond the “I want my sports”.

  6. I give up! I have said this in certain places including to my family in which I have blacks. Blacks are taking over. I agree with Granade up there, if they don’t play today, forget it, they lost me as a fan. A fan since 1958 when the Dodgers moved to LA. Yes, this is a national problem but it doesn’t belong in any sports. Thanks to krappernick it’s all over the world. If people would behave and listen and follow commands from police officers much of this wouldn’t be happening. There is injustice but let your lawyers take over and try to fix things,don’t take the law into your own hands and think it’s going to make it better, it won’t. One NBA player said on the Media that he can leave the game because he can afford it, I thought, what a thing to say. And I know it a fact all these players that cried that they need to play(work) now are saying they can leave any time they want. Well let them, I’ll wait to see who is the first one to cry that he needs work. IT’S NOT WORK! It’s a game! Yes, you make sacrifices when you leave your families behind but we are also sacrificing our money to all you players. Thanks, I’ll save my money.

    1. Blacks are “taking over,” huh? And you want black people to listen to the commands of white police officers? Let me guess. You’ll now insist you’re not a racist.

  7. We already gave Mookie all the gold in California and now we have to make sure that he gets everything else that he wants? The Dodgers have had many fine black players over the years with zero “social justice” issues.

  8. Considering everything the Dodger franchise has stood for, it’s disappointing to read so many racist comments on this forum. If white supremacy is more important to you than justice for all, then kindly step out of the way because the majority of Americans intend to fix your problem and won’t be stopped. For the record, I am white and proudly take a knee. #BLM

    1. Just what i thought you don’t have a brain cell working and yes black lives do matter but not the BLM MARXIST ORGANIZATION of thugs and looters and killers do yopu understand CeyHey get a life.

      1. It is not a Marxist organization. Who told you to say that? Qanon nutjobs? Some people claim the BLM ‘s website mentions Marxism but that is patently untrue. I visit the site regularly as an educational resource and have seen no such thing, and this goes back to the organization’s inception. Stop repeating lies. If you don’t stop, then expect to be outed as a liar. By the way, I didn’t mention the organization at all in my original post, so why did you choose the words you did?

        1. Blm and Antifa have the same goals riots and destruction and they keep the flames burning these people are paid to keep the riots going they are backed by the left wing if you can’t see that you don’t have a brain cell working.

  9. First game of DH scheduled to start in an hour with the usual lineup. Still need a pitcher for G2. With any luck Roberts will sit these two out.

  10. Wow, lots of haters here.

    I support Mookie and the Dodgers’ decision to support the statement made yesterday by not playing.

    Don’t follow anymore. You might want to do some reading and learn a bit more about the stories unfolding and the background of problem.

  11. Question: Why do some of you obviously white Dodger fans think you’re qualified to tell African Americans how we should react to and interact with the world around us? As a black man, I seriously want to know. Is it because you only want us to entertain you and don’t care about racism? Or are you afraid of losing white supremacy as a way of life? You have no idea what it’s like to grow up black in America. So instead of telling us what to do, perhaps you need to shut up, listen, and learn.

  12. I AM BLACK also and you should be smarter !!!,no one is telling us AFRO -AMERICANS what to do , and you use the terminology “WHITE DODGER” FANS, keep supporting the criminals, feel sorry for them , WHY didn’t our athletic heroes wait and get the facts in the latest incident with Mr. Blake and know the reason the Police were called on that day. Mr. Blake should have followed the directions in which the officers were asking him, but unfortunately he did not and his circumstances are the out come , and so sad, but he , like you, are more “RACIST ” than any …..WHITE DODGER FAN….. you have know idea how racist the — Black PeopleI are ,so quit feeling sorry for yourself, open up your mind , there are very good. WHITE PEOPLE. also , continue to support the felons, never mind the facts.

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