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Dodgers: The ‘Narrative’ Has Changed Heading Back to LA, Says Dave Roberts

Friday’s performance during Game 1 of the NLDS against the San Francisco Giants did not go as planned, at least for the Dodgers. LA was kept off the scoreboard in a 4-0 loss. That surely sent a shutter throughout the fanbase and didn’t leave much confidence heading into game 2. 

However, the Boys in Blue showed want made them a dangerous team to face this season. They quickly scored 2 early on, thanks in part to Julio Urías showing he can do more than just win 20 games. They were then able to tag the bullpen for 7 more runs once Kevin Gausman exited the game. Now with the boost in confidence in the offense and the series heading back to Los Angeles tied, it means a shift in momentum may be at hand, at least that’s what manager Dave Roberts believes. 

“It’s a good feeling. It’s interesting how the narrative changes from game to game. It’s a three-game series. We have Max on the mound. I like where we’re at.”

San Francisco is not an easy place to play in with the cavernous outfield and the hostile environment created by opposing fans. Add in the fact that it’s the postseason and the stakes are much higher and the pressure is on.

However, with the Dodgers coming back home to a ballpark they know like the back of their hand, they have a chance to change the narrative of the series in Games 3 and 4. They’ll be able to sleep in their own beds, have the support of their fans, and they’ll have Max Scherzer on the hill.

His last outing in the Wild Card game was certainly not his best, but he was able to fight through and give the Dodgers a chance to win the game. In 81 games at Chaves Ravine this season, the Dodgers won 58 of them. If the offense can stay awake and the pitching stays hot, they have a chance to wrap up this series here at home in front of their fanbase.

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  1. It would be important to wrap up this series at home. It would be much harder to have to beat them in SF against Webb in an elimination game.

    1. Jackson, completely agree. Dodgers caught flat-footed in game 1, won’t happen again IMHO. Momentum in the series has swung. Dodgers take care of business at home. Dodgers in 4. Giants fairytale season ends Tuesday at the Ravine.

  2. Sherzer’s been shaky his last few starts and not hitting the target. If he starts to fade I won’t be the least bit surprised if Roberts uses a quick hook. Hopefully the offense stays awake and puts up a lot of runs.

  3. Absolutely agree with everything all of you wrote. We have to end this (insert any adjective) Giants’ ” reign” on Tuesday at Chavez. As long as our Dodgers show up, like they did last night, we will have a good chance to celebrate while at “home.” Scherzer was not on his best game during that WC (or the few games prior to), but I must believe that Roberts will (again) have a few well-thought out alternative plans. Rest up, boys because tomorrow night is show time. GO DODGERS!!!

  4. Win at least 1 of the games at DS. The last thing we want to see is Giants clinching series on our home turf . That would mean Dodgers see an opponent clinch a PS series on our turf in 4 of the last 5 years, so we need to win both games actually and not have to go back to SF for a game 5.

    1. Paul, you don’t think the Dodgers are going to know how to get to Wood? You gotta be kidding me right? A pitcher with two stints as a Dodger? Really? Game 3 will be a laugher. The only question the rest of the way will be who starts game 4 vs Desclafani. The Dodgers torched him a couple of times already this year.

      1. Has Kepler decided on Wood then? I didn’t hear of any decision made but yes we can get to Wood. As I mentioned before if ya look at our lineup , Dodgers are not as left handed heavy as they were before. The 3 HRS Dodgers hit so far in this PS are from RHB and most of the damage done last night were by RHB.

        1. The only reason the Giants won the season series 10-9 was because when we played those games. For the bulk of the games…no Seager, Betts, Trea Turner. We had DJ Peters, Zak Reks, Zack Mckinstry in the OF. Josiah Gray pitched one of the games.

          Monday’s game will be the battle equivalent of Nuclear weapons vs. BB guns and Pea-shooters! Oh sure on paper it looks like Ali vs. Frazier, but all know how that turned out…DOWN GOES FRAZIER!


        2. I, too, believe that the Dodgers can handle Wood. I only hope that Wood can refrain from hitting his former teammates.

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