Dodgers: The Night Walker Buehler Ruled The Earth, Part Two

Last September I wrote a post – it was as good as I believed Walker Buehler could be. However on Friday night, a June 21st night of 2019 at Chavez Ravine; the youngster proved me wrong.

Of course you know Buehler went the distance, striking out 16 Colorado Rockies in a 4-2 Dodgers’ win. The only two hits he allowed all night were home runs to elite hitters in Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon.

And other than that, Buehler was cutting down big league hitters. Imagine being 24-years of age and making another team at the highest level look this way.

I had a feeling Buehler would be extra special tonight, but never to this degree. While displaying the kind of arm talent that 99 percent of players aren’t born with, I had another thought.

Buehler may go his entire career, and never have a night like this again. 

That’s what my mind said to me. So I tuned in more intently, and made sure to focus on every pitch. It’s not to say that Buehler won’t have dozens more starts that leave people in awe of his ability. Indeed, he will do that. However, how many elite pitchers go their entire career and never have a game with 16 strikeouts and not a single walk?

It was the first complete game for a Dodger right handed pitcher in five years, since Josh Beckett’s no-hitter. We’re talking about a historic start here that you all just witnessed. Surely, it’s on the highlight reels as you wake up and read this post.

Buehler was so good that he made Cody Bellinger’s 25th home run of the year a mere footnote. No one mentioned the fact that Bellinger also hit his 25th home run off German Marquez of the Rockies in game 163 last season until now

This is because it mattered very little, the Dodgers’ best player was inconsequent to a force of the sport you see once every decade or so from the team you root for.

And some never see it.

For as great as most pitchers are advertised or heralded, few ever have a game like this. The likelihood that Buehler ever does again what you just saw is highly unlikely. Perhaps he goes his entire career trying to find the magic like he had with every one of his 111 deliveries.

However, at least Buehler had tonight. And at least he showed it this one time. This is how good he can be, and that ceiling is always in existence now.

In an era where experts are theorizing about a ‘juiced baseball’, Buehler brought gravity and reason to the discussion. The highlight reels of long home runs were set to pause, and once again Walker Buehler ruled the earth.

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  1. First complete game in 5 years? It’s not even the first this year. And there were several between 2014 and 2017, although none in 2018.

    1. Sorry, we forgot one key ingredient to that sentence!

      It was the first complete game for a Dodger RIGHT HANDED PITCHER in five years!

      We updated the post accordingly. Thanks for pointing it out!

  2. Beautiful performance by Walker……….I loved it……….Buehler is the first Dodgers pitcher to strike out as many as 16 in a game without walking a batter………..think about that for a minute……….consider all the great pitchers the Dodgers have had over the years, so many u would have to compile a list……..then factor in that the Rockies came in here on fire………It’s really a fantastic accomplishment!

  3. Not 2 be overlooked……….Urias………the last game against Frisco……..he looked like Buehler looked last night, only “Dave” limited him to three innings. Dodgers have the best starting rotation in baseball, that’s high praise.

  4. Whoever is in charge of this article,please pass all the comments along to the front office of the Dodgers and Andrew Friedman. There are a lot of frustrated fans concerned with the present state of the Dodgers bullpen.With the present BP roster,we’ll be lucky to make it out of the National League playoffs and have NO chance against the Yankees or Astros .Mr. Friedman.,you have the money,the player assets to trade,you draw 3.8 million people with a huge TV contract. Don’t let another opportunity to win a World Series pass you by . Go all in. Make it Happen! Trophies for regular season mean nothing . It’s like giving a trophy to a kid for participating and for not winning anything..

  5. Lest I forget to mention……….Matt Beaty………..been watching him since he moved up to Tulsa…….he can play both corner infield spots and left field……..but all this guy does is hit……….so congratulations to Friedman and his staff, now they can add Beaty to Buehler and the bragging rights that come with that. Pretty fast rise to the majors, but this guy was a stud, even in high school. (read they nicknamed him Mr. Dresden in high school where he is from) Nice draft pick guys! Keep getting the Dodgers younger, wish I could get younger and so do the Giants (Grin!). There is a reason the Giants have sunk into total irrelevancy……….

    1. Sorry, we forgot one key ingredient to that sentence!

      It was the first complete game for a Dodger RIGHT HANDED PITCHER in five years!

      We updated the post accordingly. Thanks for pointing it out!

    1. Sorry, we forgot one key ingredient to that sentence!

      It was the first complete game for a Dodger RIGHT HANDED PITCHER in five years!

      We updated the post accordingly. Thanks for pointing it out!

  6. It’s Dodgers against “The World”. these days……..along with all our snarky so called “Dodger” fans like AndyF above, we also have to contend with media bias………this morning on Sportscenter I’m just watching the show in the back round…….now ESPN is all about basketball and they really do not do a lot of baseball emphasis any longer…….but they do still run segments of daily game highlights…….so they were doing this mornings thing and the announcer was Hannah Storm…….she comes to the Rockies vs. Dodger replay highlights from last nights game……and after she finishes the two minute rehash segment of the game highlights her parting comment……..”Go Rockies”!

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