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Dodgers: The Tributes to Jackie Robinson on His Day

On this April 15th, we celebrate the life of Jackie Robinson in an entirely new way. With no games being played, Major League Baseball honored the legend in their own way with video tributes. We pulled some of those together here. 

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The Dodgers posted a tribute to Jackie Robinson, that goes through his life as a player and everything that he did to change the game forever.

The Dodgers players also came together for a tribute as well. Watch as Mookie Betts, David Price, Dustin May, Gavin Lux, and Will Smith talk about what Jackie’s impact did for them in the game of baseball.

New York Mets infielder Robinson Cano posted a tribute of his own to his Twitter account. 

Minority Dodgers owner Billie Jean King posted her own tribute to Jackie on her Twitter account as well.

Joe Davis spoke with Mookie Betts about a number of things, including the impact of Jackie Robinson on his life. He also talks about what it means now that he is in a Dodgers uniform. 

Chicago White Sox infielder Tim Anderson posted a tribute as well. In the tribute, he discusses how Jackie paved the way for him to the big leagues and why he plays with the passion he has.

And finally, we have this memory of Vin Scully telling his favorite Jackie Robinson stories. Go back a few years as Vin talks about racing Jackie in ice skates and the story of how 42 came to be in baseball.

There are so many more tributes, far too many to be posted in one place. Jackie Robinson’s impact on baseball and on the world is certainly felt based on the tributes we get to see every April 15th. The Dodgers’ social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram, are great places to find more! 

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