Dodgers: The Umpire Suing MLB Gets Home Plate Assignment For Game 2 of the NLDS

The Dodgers and Padres are set to kick off the NLDS tomorrow night in Arlington, Texas. And even though neither team has announced their rosters, MLB has announced which umpires will be handling games for the series.

That’s where the bad news comes in. The Dodgers and Padres will be getting Angel Hernandez in game 2, the umpire who is currently suing MLB. Hernandez is known around baseball as being one of the worst in the sport, but his lawsuit alleges that the league has discriminated against him in choosing umpiring crews for big games. 

We’re not here to discuss that lawsuit though. The focus here is that the Dodgers and Padres are going to be getting two of the worst ball/strikes callers in the first 2 games of the series. Lance Barret will be behind home plate in the first game of the series. 


To get an idea of how bad Hernandez has been as an umpire in the past, just Google his highlight reel. You can get a compilation of his worst calls on YouTube with a quick search given how many exist. From the looks of things, the Dodgers are Padres are in for a very interesting series. 

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  1. So he claimed discrimination instead of realizing he’s a hack. Now he will prove on the national stage that he’s bad at his job and won’t be able to make such claims anymore when mlb leaves him off next year

  2. What a joke. So I guess what I’ve been asking is true. The umpires don’t look at game tapes or videos to check how well or how bad they’re doing. Why not? Why don’t they have someone in the Umpire organization checking these bozo’s performances or lack of?

  3. Every game that I have watched with him behind home plate has been inconsistent with his calls. He needs to watch game tapes as mentioned before to see how inconsistent he is.Only discrimination is against bad umpires.

  4. Why has no one yet written the follow-up article about Angel’s 97% raw plate score, which is the highest of either the ALDS or NLDS?

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