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Dodgers: The Wind Hurt Los Angeles, But it Should Not Have Mattered

The final ball off of the bat of Gavin Lux could just about sum up the entire night for the Dodgers in Game 3. It looked great off of the bat, but the ball died out and fell well short of going out and tying up the game. 

That’s how things went for the Dodgers all night with the wind whipping the flags around Chavez Ravine. Balls that might have gone out on any other night died out at the warning track or fell well short. Even with the Los Angeles pitching staff holding the Giants to 1 run, it was not enough. 

After the game, the players and coaches were all asked about the gusty conditions they were playing under. But Dodgers’ first baseman Albert Pujols was not about to blame the loss on weather. Instead, Pujols chose to accept that they needed to work around it. 

That’s something that you cannot control. It’s part of the game. You can’t think it was cold. You can’t think (about) the wind. Hey — it is what it is. So you can’t blame it on the wind because we lost the game tonight. It’s just part of the game, Mother Nature, and you have to respect that.

The Dodgers did not work around it. Despite collecting 5 hits throughout the game, Los Angeles could not scratch across a run off of the Giants’ pitching staff. They also had 2 balls hit in the final 3 innings that had an expected batting average over .870, one from Mookie Betts and the other was Lux’s.

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So yes, the wind was a factor in the game. But the Dodgers cannot use that as an excuse for losing a 1-run ballgame. Onward and upward. They play Game 4 tonight in Los Angeles and need to come out and make a statement early. 

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  1. Sherzer also gave up some long fly balls that Taylor had to back up to the track to catch. They seemed like possible HRs off the bat…

  2. It did not seem to effect the Giants’ ability to win last night so no excuses regarding “the elements.” Now on to Game 4…I have faith in our Dodgers’ bullpen; but, our Dodgers’ offense needs to put it together or our season ends tonight.

  3. They have to make things happen like bunt guys over and hit against those stupid shifts which I don’t understand why they don’t want to do it. Instead their thinking is the long ball but most of the time the runners stay on first and second base!!!!
    They have to be smart and everything starts with Roberts!!!! Please!!! Someone talk to him!!!

  4. LA has been swinging for the fences all season long. How about stringing together a few singles, doubles, stolen bases?
    Seems like the starting lineup channeled Cody Bellinger. Lol.

  5. Mother Nature had nothing to do with the outcome of the game. Inconsistencies and Roberts’ stupid decision making were responsible for the outcome of the game. #firedaveroberts

  6. Dodgers both players and coaches appear to suffer from hubris or chutzpah every time they accomplish something big: after they won the WC game with Taylor’s opportune 2-run homer at the bottom of the 9th inning—they were shut-out 4-0 by the Giants in the opening of the ALDS 2 days later. Then after winning the 2nd game 9-2 the following day—they were blanked 1-0 last night by the likes of Alex Woods and Jake
    McGee (2 ex-Dodgers), Tyler Rogers and a rookie, Camilo Doval. Is it lack of a good game plan; failure to make adjustments; overconfidence? Whatever it is, they need to get their act together to to win tonight’s game to have a chance for a game 5 with Urias pitching.

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