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Dodgers: The Worst 60-Game Stretch in 2019 Still Makes Them a Playoff Team in 2020

MLB and the Player’s Association could not come to a deal, but that just means the commissioner will be mandating a season in 2020. And if any of the reports are correct, it is sounding like 60-games is a safe bet. That would put the Dodgers in prime position to have an outstanding year. 

Looking back at their 2019 season, the Dodgers went an amazing 106-56 en route to dominating the National League West. But that season did not come without it’s bumps and bruises. Los Angeles saw plenty of players go down with injuries, resulting in several small periods of offensive and defensive struggles.

The good news for the potential 60-game season is that even at their worst in 2019, the Dodgers would still likely be a playoff team in 2020. Their worst stretch came from June 23rd to August 31st when the team went 35-25.

Surprisingly, the Dodgers lost a lot of games to Arizona in that stretch. In fact, six of their 25 losses came at the hands of the Diamondbacks during that time. That poor stretch of games also timed up with Corey Seager injuring his hamstring. While he was out during those games, the Dodgers dropped 7.

Luckily, ten games above .500 likely still makes a playoff team in 2020, depending on what payoff format they decide on. Add in the fact that the Dodgers added Mookie Betts to the mix in 2020, and you have literally a perfect situation. Los Angeles looks primed to dominate whatever division they end up playing in.

MLB is still technically waiting on the players to figure out if they can get to Spring Training by July 1st, but they will also need to approve the health regulations. Per ESPN, that is not expected to be an issue, though things can always change. 

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  1. Serious brook. This is the NL west. Bottom of the barrel baseball. One game above 500 will probably win it.

  2. This season, the NL West will have a few more teams in the mix, such as the Houston Asterix, Oakland A’s, the M’s, Angels, and the Texas Rangers… as well as Cincy, I believe. Can’t remember all the teams, but the NL west as we have known it, will be quite different during this abbreviated sham of a season.

  3. How is this season a sham? Were 1942-1945 seasons a shame because good players were in the service? It is the way the world has turned and the choices are slim. I am getting tired of watching Dodgers Squeeze Play. I can only watch an old games three times, max.

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