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Dodgers Therapy Session, Reactions to Do or Die Situation, Keys to an NLDS Comeback | Blue Heaven Podcast

Our very own Clint Pasillas and myself, Noah Camras, are live on YouTube right now for the Blue Heaven Podcast. You can join the live stream by clicking the video at the top of the article, or by clicking right here.

First things first, we want to make it clear that this is going to be a Dodgers fan therapy session. The Dodgers have disappointed in the first two games of the NLDS, and we want you Dodger fans to let it all out. The comments should be used as a place to let out your frustrations for this collapse.

Then, we have to dive into what’s gone wrong and, more importantly, what needs to be done for the Dodgers to come back and win this series. The Dodgers have won three games in a row many times this year, so they’ll just need to string together a couple good games. We’ll give our keys to a comeback.

Additionally, we’ll go over the biggest X-factors for LA, and who needs to come through for the Dodgers to mount this 0-2 comeback.

This is a live show, so as always, we want your takes and thoughts on all these topics and more.

Make sure you join the live stream to sound off on all these topics, and bring your questions as we’re always happy to go off topic to talk about the things you want to talk about.

As a reminder, you can join the live stream by clicking the video at the top of the article, or by clicking right here.

See you in the live stream!

Noah Camras

Noah is the Lead Editor for Dodgers Nation. He graduated from USC in 2022 with a B.A. in Journalism and minor in Sports Media Studies. He's been a Dodger fan his whole life, and his all-time favorite Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Russell Martin.


  1. Betts and Freeman have a choice! They can step up now or they can allow this season to fade away like everyone else’s, EXCEPT the eventual World Series winner! So far, the “team” in Dodger team has been in hiding.

  2. First of all, let me disclose, I have never been a Dave Roberts’ fan. Prior to the start of the series against the Snakes, everyone was pushing Roberts for Manager of the Year. I hope that after this collapse, that all stops. I just saw a @DustyBaker TV tweet that everyone needs to read:

    The Dodges won 100 games in 2023
    The Dodgers won 111 games in 2022
    The Dodgers won 106 games in 2021
    The Dodgers won 106 games in 2019.

    Yet, in 3 of the last 4 full seasons of play, the Dodgers have had 100+ wins & yet have been knocked out in the NLDS. That is unacceptable.

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