Dodgers: Tik Tok Dog is Back and Predicting a an NLCS Win for LA

Desperate times call for… good boys? If you’re among the many fans looking for any signs of hope that the Dodgers can come back and win this series against the Braves, then consider this a good omen. Before the postseason kicked off, one star Tik Tok doggo (yes, you just read that but worse than that… I wrote it) predicted a Dodgers/Astros World Series.

So far, technically so good on that good boy bracket (yes, the dog theme isn’t stopping) as the pup had the Dodgers besting the Cardinals and Giants along with the Braves beating the Brewers. On the AL side of things, the Astros are facing a 2-1 series deficit to the Red Sox, but are still in it no doubt.

This is the part where we insert the “so you’re telling me there’s a chance” gif.

In a more deep dive series break down, @aircorg on Tik Tok says the Dodgers win this series in 6. Moreover, the series has so far gone the way Air Corg predicted with the Braves winning games 1 and 2.

Perhaps more importantly, this dog nailed the game three bucket on the fly, which can only mean a huge display by the Dodger offense this afternoon.

First pitch is set for 2:08 PM PT this afternoon at Dodger Stadium. Walker Buehler pitches for LA against Braves’ right-hander Charlie Morton.

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  1. Ok, here is the lineup that will bring home the W:

    RF Betts
    SS Seager
    2B T Turner (try getting on base, I don’t care how)
    C Smith
    3B J Turner (like how you went Chase Utley in gm2)
    CF Lux
    1B Bellinger (no more 3-0 green light!)
    LF Taylor
    P Butane (no high cheese to a guy sporting pearls)

    Ok boys, just like game 3 last year (11 run first inning)

    Let’s go Dodgers!

        • Wow, lineup changes from both sides! Cat and mouse game starts early lol.

          Braves changed their opener from Ynoa to Chavez (makes sense, Ynoa a 23 yr old vs a veteran Chavez).

          Braves also moved Rosario out of lead-off down to 5 and slotting Swanson into lead-off

          Dodgers swap Lux and JT at 5 & 6

          Interesting stuff going on. Wonder if there will be more changes?