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Dodgers to Have 18 Bobblehead Promotions in 2020

The Dodgers have always had been solid in the giveaway department, especially when it comes to bobbleheads. 2019 saw the club put on an unprecedented 16 bobblehead promotion days — 17 including the postseason — and they play  to top that in 2020.

With the full promotion schedule recently announced, it was revealed that the Dodgers will have 18 bobblehead giveaways for 2020. As for who will be on the bobbleheads, most of them remain to be decided with the exception of three: Max Muncy, Don Drysdale, and Vin Scully.

They start things off with a Max Muncy bobblehead night on Saturday, March 28, the third game of their Opening Series against the San Francisco Giants. That game starts at 6:10 p.m. so make sure to get there early.

Muncy is followed two days later by a TBD bobblehead in March 30 against the Colorado Rockies, which in turn is followed by a Don Drysdale bobblehead on Saturday, April 11 in an NLDS rematch with the Washington Nationals.

After Drysdale, a number of TBD bobbleheads fall on April 29, May 5, 20, and 23, June 4, 18, 20, and July 2 leading up to their July 16 matchup with the Giants in which they will be giving away a Vin Scully bobblehead.

The bobblehead schedule winds down with TBD bobbleheads on July 21, Aug. 5, 8, 15, and 27. The final bobblehead, also TBD, will be given away on Sept. 16.

The Dodgers have been known in the past to drop surprise bobbleheads as the season goes on, so who knows if we will have even more than 18 in 2020.


  1. With all the computer graphics and imaging that can be done today, I just wish the bobble heads would actually look like the people they are suppose to portray.

    1. Yeah. My wife and I thought the Buehler bobblehead with the teenage mustache, looked like Cantiflas

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