Dodgers To Pay Padres $18 Million In 2015 As Part Of Matt Kemp Trade

Matt Kemp

As part of their efforts to trade outfielder Matt Kemp and perhaps to sweeten the return from the San Diego Padres, the Los Angeles Dodgers agreed to send $32 million with Kemp and Tim Federowciz to the Padres.

Of the $32 million the Padres will receive, $18 million will be paid over six monthly installments in 2015 with annual $3.5 million payments to follow from 2016-2019, according to Ronald Blum of the Associated Press:

The Los Angeles Dodgers owe the Padres $18 million next year as part of the $32 million they agreed to pay in last week’s trade that sent outfielder Matt Kemp to San Diego. Los Angeles will give San Diego six $3 million installments in 2015, payable on the first of each month during regular season, according to information obtained by The Associated Press. The Dodgers owe $3.5 million annually in each of the following four seasons, $600,000 on the first of each month from April through August and $500,000 on Sept. 1.

By covering that portion of Kemp’s remaining salary, the Padres are on the hook for a total of $75 million over the next five years. For a deal in which the terms were agreed upon on the final day of the Winter Meetings, there were several hiccups along the way before Kemp was officially traded to the Padres.

Namely, Kemp’s physical and news of arthritic hips being leaked. The Padres reportedly asked the Dodgers for more compensation only to be denied, which then allowed the trade to process as originally agreed upon. Throughout the delay, the Dodgers maintained they weren’t worried of the deal falling apart, though Andrew Friedman later said the situation was more public than he prefers.

The trade ultimately satisfied both parties involved as the Padres secured a power right-handed bat, which has been a focus of theirs this offseason and the Dodgers found themselves a catcher, plus used a Padres prospect to complete the trade for Jimmy Rollins — filling another roster need.

In addition to paying Kemp next season, the Dodgers also agreed to pay for Dan Haren’s $10 million salary whether or not he pitches for the Miami Marlins, Dee Gordon’s 2015 salary (amount to be decided via arbitration) and the $9.5 million remaining on the final year of Brian Wilson’s deal, who they recently released after designating the reliever for assignment.

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  1. WITF are we paying Gordon’s salary? Marlins wanted him right? I can understand wanting to unload the Kemp salary & getting rid of Brian Wilson but if Marlins wanted Dee, why are we paying his salary?

  2. Gee, in the old days, when you traded someone you got paid for it. You didn’t pay a team to take someone. I get the reason in the case of Kemp, but why so complicated? Takes all the “game out of the game”.

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