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Dodgers to Sign Pair of International Prospects

The Dodgers are reportedly hot on the trail of inking two international free agents, Venezuelan RHP Kristian Cardozo and SS Darol Garcia of the Dominican Republic.

Both players are eligible to sign on July 2nd but have been working out with the club and both made public posts to their Instagram accounts in Dodgers gear.

Cardozo is the real prize as he is reportedly one of the top players from the upcoming international free agency class, according to Ben Badler of Baseball America.

Darol Garcia is not the most hyped prospect at the moment but remains a projectable 16-year-old shortstop with intrigue.

As with all young international prospects, there are no hard statistics to look at for the duo yet and not a whole lot of information regarding them either.

Also, it most be noted that these are fantastic finds by @FutureDodgers and @LifeOfABruin.

The Dodgers continue to be proactive on the international market under the Friedman regime, something that most likely will not change.

With the Dodgers reportedly off the hook as far as MLB-levied penalties go, the club can continue to fully immerse themselves in the market.

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