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Dodgers: Tony Gonsolin Expects to Pitch in Some Capacity in NLDS Game 4

Before game time on Monday, the Dodgers and Dave Roberts weren’t quite ready to name a starter for NLDS game 4. After a 1-0 loss to the Giants and now, with their backs against the wall, Roberts still wasn’t ready to name a starter. Instead, he only offered up that “everything is on the table” for the win or go home game at Dodger Stadium tonight.

One pitcher we’ve yet to see this postseason is Tony Gonsolin. The right-hander took time with the media at Dodger Stadium on Monday where he talked about the game plan for him… at least at the time.

I’m pitching [Tuesday] at some point…not sure what the role is yet but I’m ready to get out there and throw … and when Doc says I’m done, I’m done.

As usual, Gonsolin chose the role of team player saying he’s ready for any role LA needs tonight. However, now after falling to 2-1 in the 5 game series, that role will very likely be a whole lot less high leverage, at least to start the game. Still, Tony kept his game plan simple.

Just attack guys. We’re all playing under the same pressure (so) go out there and seize the moment.

Gonsolin battled through shoulder issues throughout the season but still put together a 3.23 ERA over 15 games, 13 of which were starts. While the expectation is still that Walker Buehler will come back on short rest, the Dodgers have been in this position before and come out on the other side on top. In game 6 of the 2020 World Series, Roberts could have started Buehler on short rest. Instead, he opted to go with Gonsolin and ultimately picked up the seventh World Series title in franchise history 9 innings later.

For game 4 tonight, we know that right-hander Anthony DeSclafani will be starting for the Giants. He posted a 7.33 ERA against LA in 2021. First pitch is at 6:07 PM PT.

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  1. “Should play at some point”? He should be starting. This kind of crap is why I want Roberts gone….

    1. DRRRRRRr, always trying to keep secrets, and trying to fool someone. Like the Vagiants and Kapler will be totally surprised and confused on how to match up. The players must all love the Big “Surprise” as well.

  2. This postseason’s troubles are not due the failing of a manager, they are due to the failings of the Front Office! The genius Andrew Friedman let 4 proven playoff performers get away. Kike, Joc, Wood and McGee. And now the Dodgers find themselves in the same situation as last year. Having to win back-to-back elimination games with a few historically bad playoff performers. Not impossible, but not likely.

    1. All four wanted to be starters. That was not happening here. Wasn’t the front office alone; Roberts played a part in that.

      In hindsight, due to injuries, they could have started or met their 500 AB’s and pitching roles…

    2. Yeah it’s Friedman’s fault. You claim to have watched this team every game? If so, you either are blind or need counseling on the Drrrrrrrr experimental “siting Hot hitters”, his failure to play situational ball “Hit and runs,sacrifices, squeeze plays. Oh, yeah and about the BELLINGER thingy!!! Playing favorites , sitting beaty etc…. Yeah that’s All friedmans fault….Give me a break…..

    1. DodgerBoy, fire ANDREW FRIEDMAN! Letting Joc, Kike, Wood and McGee go. Signing a human disaster in Trevor Bauer? Roberts doesn’t decide who is on the roster, that’s the Front office!

        1. Dodger Boy, Lasorda lost back-to-back WS to the Yankees in 1977-78 before breaking through in 1981! Alston lost in the WS in 1956, 1966, and 1974. Roberts is on par with those two.

          1. Oh and I failed to mention that the fabulous Walter Alston lost 10 of the last 13 games of the 1962 season to force the 3 game tie-breaker with the Giants, and that he lost game 3 at Dodger Stadium leading 4-2 going into the top of the 9th!

            Oh but he surely would have won 142 games with this years talent. Lol

    1. Kirk, by today’s standards he wouldn’t have been afforded the luxury of winning two of those. He would have been unceremoniously let go following the 1962 meltdown and therefore not won the 1963 and 1965 WS titles! Just sayin.

  3. Meanwhile, back to tonight’s game, the Dodgers will either figure out Webb or go home. It is that simple. In the last time he faced them, the entire offense looked completely baffled. Sort of like they had never looked at him pitch before or had any scouting reports on the guy.

    I’ve a hunch they’re going to need at least 6 runs to win tonight.

    Will the “bi-polar” offense be the zero guys or the rack up the runs guys? BIt’s been that way all season.

  4. 1955skoonj, very well put. Unfortunately it will all rest on the eyes of the home plate umpire! More specifically, does Webb get the early outside strike or not! If he does, it will be serious uphill battle, if he doesn’t it should be a Dunkirk!

    1. It comes down to who has the better pitching. Webb or Urias. Hopefully Urias pitches even better than he did the last game because the game is destined to be a 2-1, 3-2 game with it being decided by who’s closer is better. Kenley is the x-factor…..Be ready for a nail biter and hope Drrrrrr not using Kenley to keep him fresh in game 4 doesn’t come back to haunt him like it has Soooooooo many times….

      1. The funniest thing I’ve discovered so far is that all the ESPN writers are picking the Giants, conversely all 5 Giants’ newspaper writers are picking the Dodgers LOL!

        The thing that terrifies me is that on paper it looks like it’s too easy for the Dodgers. That simply guarantees it won’t be.

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