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Dodgers: Tony Gonsolin Explains the Reason For His Number Change

Dodgers fans have gotten used to checking the team’s transition page on a daily basis in the offseason. Because they’re such a tight-lipped franchise who very rarely let rumors slip, fans are always looking for some sign of a potential move. 

But this offseason, Dodgers fans were surprised to see a different transaction pop up unannounced. In early December, there was a note that RHP Tony Gonsolin had changed his jersey number from 46. A few days later, there was another note that said he had changed to 26. 

Fans were able to connect the dots on the trade for Corey Knebel with the Brewers, a guy that wore 46 while in Milwaukee. Tony Gonsolin confirmed that Knebel was the reason that he changed his number in a call with Dodgers media on Wednesday. 

Corey texted me this offseason, came over from the Brewers, and was wearing 46. He kind of politely requested if he could wear it. He felt that it was my choice if I would continue wearing it he would have respected that. But I thought I’ve only worn it basically one year so I figured it was not a big deal to me and he could definitely wear it, something that meant a lot more to him I think that it meant to me. 

Gonsolin also noted that there was nothing asked for in return. The Dodgers pitcher just wanted to be able to give Knebel the number that meant something to him and did not expect any compensation. 

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Gonsolin enters the 2021 season projected to be 1 of 3 guys competing for a starting rotation spot. The Dodgers have already said they would likely rotate guys in and out of the rotation to keep them fresh, and Tony could end up as a relief option down the stretch. The grind of a 162 games season after playing 60 games should be interesting. 

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  1. But now everyone’s gonna think he’s Chase Utley. He may want to have a reserve number for any road trips to New York. -)

    1. 26 is a better number for pitchers. May needs to drop his spring training number from 85 to either 18 or 28. Better pitchers numbers.

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