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Dodgers: Tony Gonsolin Makes a Return to Spring Camp

The Dodgers are still waiting on at least six other players to show up for camp, but there was a new face on Wednesday. Tony Gonsolin had not appeared in camp or in front of media all week, right up until his appearance on the field yesterday. 

Gonsolin was originally listed as one of the seven Dodgers players absent from camp by Dave Roberts as recently as yesterday. Whatever kept him out of camp appears to have changed as he was back in action at the stadium.

Gonsolin does not have any media availability scheduled so far this week, so it may be a while until we find out why he was away from camp. If it was VODI related, then we almost certainly won’t ever know why he was away from the Dodgers’ camp.

For Tony, getting back into camp right after David Price opted out is incredibly important. While he may not have a shot at the rotation, Gonsolin could easily impress out of the bullpen and land a roster spot with the Dodgers on Opening Day. 

Gonsolin has spent most of this offseason in Arizona with some of the other players on the team. When we last talked to him, Tony was mostly finding odd ways to workout and get pitches in. 

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  1. Gonsolin looked like a Stripling-type pitcher last year who could plug into any role. So it might not be a bad idea to keep him in that same role. This will be a season that requires a couple pitchers like that.

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