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Dodgers: Tony Gonsolin’s Late Arrival to Camp Could Have Been Due to a False Positive COVID Test

At his point, it’s almost comedic how much talent the Dodgers have in their starting rotation. There are at least 8 guys on the 40-man roster right now that could compete for a spot in any rotation. Tony Gonsolin is absolutely one of those guys. 

After pitching 4.2 more shutout innings against the Padres on Wednesday, Gonsolin talked about his future. For the moment, it’s sort of unknown where he stands in the Dodgers plans for this year. Alex Wood is close to making a return from shoulder inflammation and the rotation is full as is. 

Gonsolin also talked about his reason for being late to the Dodgers Summer Camp. Gonsolin was not around the first week of workouts and intrasquads having tested positive for COVID-19. In his opinion, he likely got a false negative that led to him being held out. When asked if he thought that false-positive kept him from making the roster, Gonsolin opted to instead look to the future. 

There’s no way to prove it, but I’m pretty sure I got like a false-positive coronavirus test. I tested positive once, have not tested positive since then…Obviously, in hindsight, it’s easy to look back and say if I did what I was doing in our summer camp and all that stuff. That’s a bunch of speculation and all that stuff. But I was just trying to get here, trying to get as ready as quickly as I can and stay as healthy as I can be. And then when I get an opportunity up here, take advantage.

It’s hard to justify keeping a guy who has now thrown 8.2 scoreless innings at the alternate site. Gonsolin struck out a career-high 8 Padres batters Wednesday en route to a much-needed win for Los Angeles. The question is though, what will the Dodgers do with him?

Gonsolin could very well end up being a guy that comes out of the bullpen. There are already several electric arms in the Dodgers relief core, and he could only add to that. And if the plan is to keep Dustin May in the starting rotation, Wood would need to push someone else out.

Ross Stripling could be a candidate to be back in the bullpen as well should the team opt for Wood int he rotation. 

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  1. I don’t think Alex Wood deserves to be automatically slotted back into the rotation. The Dodgers have better options than him.

  2. Hate to talk bad about any Dodger but I think Wood needs one more start to prove he does not deserve to be in the starting rotation. He is “ injured out” a lot making him even more unreliable for occupying a starting five slot. May and now Goselin are doing a great job covering for the purported dynamite but grossly underachieving hitters. How much longer can the pitching save weak hitting? Even number 3-5 starters in purported loser teams seem to be beyond their capability to hit

  3. Wood was a terrible resigning, thankfully it’s only for this year. Wood when healthy is a #4 or 5 starter. May and Gonsolin with some experience can compete at the level of a #1 or 2. Huge difference in talent levels. Both throw with velocity and movement hopefully they keep these incredible talents in the Rotation. It’s too short of a season for Roberts to be everyone’s friend as he always does. Roberts doesn’t manage players he befriends them. That’s why he will never win the WS.

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