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Dodgers Took a Train from Baltimore to New York for a Nice Throwback Memory

After last night’s win versus the Baltimore Orioles, the Dodgers skipped the airport and took a trip down memory lane by hopping on a train to head into New York. From what I remember, a one way trip from Baltimore to New York could be as low as $49, so the Dodgers are definitely getting a deal taking the train instead of the airport.

The overall ride is little under two and half hours, so if you consider how long it takes to get through take a bus to the airport, get through airport security, board the plane and leave the airport, this might have gotten the players a few more extra hours of sleep than you would have thought.

Overall, it’s great to see the Dodgers go with some old school transportation to remind fans of how fun it was traveling the country and seeing parts of it that you just can’t see from the air.

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  1. Took the train from DC to Boston every two weeks for 5 years – the 10 hour red eye special in the middle of the night because it was much cheaper – that is 50 trips a year x 5 is 250 trips x 10 hours is 2500 hours. Maybe cute to do it once though. Have you ever seen the shitter at 3am in the red eye special? -R.C., Dodger Nation, Norwood, MA Chapter.

  2. Leave it to the Blue Crew FO to throw in a travel wrinkle, one I highly approve of. It will be a nice memory for the team. Go Blue!!!

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