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Dodgers: Top 21 Stories of 2021, Kershaw Yells, Mariachi Kelly, Toles, Bauer, Puig, & More

With the year coming to a close, we felt it might be fun to look back at the biggest stories from the 2021 calendar year involving your Los Angeles Dodgers. Now, these aren’t curated by our team, these are the top 21 stories read by fans this year.

No. 1, from April 18th: Don’t Upset the GOAT.

Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Explains Why He Took Exception to Profar’s Bush League Swing

No. 2, from November 4th: He Said, She Said.

Dodgers: Joe Kelly’s Wife Ashley Sets the Record Straight on the Reliever’s Health

No. 3, from May 18th: Tío Albert is Born.

Dodgers: What Albert Pujols Said to Walker Buehler in the Dugout on Monday Night

No. 4, from March 12th: The Dodgers Make Us Proud.

Dodgers Renew The Contract of Andrew Toles With No Plans For Him to Return

No. 5, from October 30th: Hot Stove Precurser.

Dodgers Rumors: Insider Makes Bold Predictions on Where Seager, Scherzer, Kershaw & Pujols Will Sign

No. 6, from May 22nd: We Love a Happy Machine.

Dodgers: Albert Pujols Finally Happy Again, Has a Great Moment with a Young Fan

No. 7, from November 30th: Boras Gonna Boras.

Dodgers: Corey Seager Reportedly Turned Down Massive Contract Extension Last Spring

No. 8, from May 18th: Matt Beaty, Generally Nice Dude.

Dodgers: Matt Beaty’s Ejection Gets the Jomboy Treatment and it is Glorious

No. 9, from January 25th: Remember When We Weren’t Sure JT Was Coming Back.

Dodgers: Justin Turner Reportedly Has 4 Teams to Choose From in Free Agency

No. 10, from December 1st: Well Now You Tell Us.

Dodgers: Former Teammates Suspected Corey Seager’s Move to Texas Long Ago

No. 11, from January 16th: Dodger Stadium Double Duty.

Dodger Stadium COVID Vaccine Site: Information, Directions, First Look & More

No. 12, from December 4th: Hey Mr. DJ, Play That K-Pop.

Dodgers: Former LA Outfielder Reportedly Nearing Deal with Korean Baseball League

No. 13, from July 1st: The Bauer Saga Begins.

Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Has Text Messages Released, Legal Hearing Set for Late July for Assault Allegations

No. 14, from November 22nd: The Veteran That Never Got a Chance.

Dodgers: Former LA Farmhand Signs with Rival NL West Club

No. 15, from December 1st: Freddie Freeman. Freddie Freeman. Freddie Freeman.

Dodgers Insider Confirms LA is Engaged in Talks with Freddie Freeman

No. 16, from December 5th: Puig Does Damage Control.

Dodgers: Former LA All-Star Yasiel Puig Admits Past Mistakes, Has Wish for Latin Players in MLB

No. 17, from January 1st: We Already Knew, Yasiel.

Former Dodgers Outfielder Yasiel Puig Admits to Not Listening to Coaches

No. 18, from July 2nd: Joseph Kelly, US Swag King.

Dodgers: Joe Kelly Steals the Show in a Mariachi Jacket at the White House

No. 19, from December 23rd: Driveline: Los Angeles.

Dodgers News: LA Adds New Pitching Guru to the Organizational Mix

No. 20, from October 12th: Luxy Gives it the Old College Try.

Dodgers: Former Braves Third Baseman Mocks Los Angeles’ Decision to Start Gavin Lux in the Outfield

No. 21, from July 3rd: Stop Letting Stan Talk to Media.

Dodgers President and CEO Stan Kasten’s Comments on the Trevor Bauer Situation

And that’s pretty much a wrap on the 2021 calendar year. Some fun stuff mixed in with a good bit of drama. And, unfortunately, no parade for the boys in blue. Hopefully, 2022 looks a bit better at Dodger Stadium!

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